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Welcome to Copenhagen and Denmark
Our Passion is to Connect Denmark©
The Online Goodwill and Tourism Ambassadors of Copenhagen & Denmark!
The Online Goodwill & Tourism Ambassadors of Copenhagen
Copperplate engraved perspective of Copenhagen in 1618 that counted around 12.000 inhabitants. To the left is Copenhagen Castle - which was situated on the same spot as Absalons little fortress from 1167-1170. The ships are sailing on the straight between Sealand and the isle of Amager.
Once Upon a Time...

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Bishop Absalon
Once Upon a Time...
Once upon a time in the fairytale Kingdom of Denmark and under the reign of King Valdemar the Great (King of Denmark 1157-1182) - there was a little fishing village and settlement on the banks of the east coast of Sealand. The name of this little populated area was called - Harbour - (Havn in Danish) and was inhabited by 200-500 people around 1150 AC. When King Valdemar became King in 1157 - he gave the little community to his foster brother and adviser Bishop Absalon - who built a small Castle around the year 1167 - on the isle call “Slotsholmen” - to protect trade and the citizens - as they were frequently being harassed and pestered by predatory expeditions and raids conducted by the Norwegian ravagers - German Wends and the more abusive Hanseatic League.
Bishop Absalon

Scandinavia's largest capital

This was the foundation of a new city in 1167 - which later was called "Hafnia" - and since became Scandinavia’s largest capital. The fortification of the little community was very effective - and trading activities started to flourish and develop - while the growth of the population exceeded about 6.000 around 1400 AC. The little town was then renamed to what we know as Copenhagen "Købmændenes Havn" - the Harbour of Merchants - and then later named in Danish - "København."

Hafnia - and the Happiest People
In Latin - Copenhagen is still called "Hafnia" - which was the first name of the settlement about 1000 years ago. Copenhagen has since grown and turned into a modern international metropolis with 1.8 million inhabitants - but is still a historical and cultural City. Just like in one of Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairytales - where the ugly duckling turns into a beautiful swan - which is the national Bird of Denmark. This little story ends with reference to several global surveys that show how the Danes considered themselves to be the happiest people in the world - and that they will live happily ever after! Take an online tour trough our Copenhagen Portal - and learn much more about the Danish capital - and Denmark too!

"The Ugly Duckling"
The Oresund Bridge
From Northern Scandinavia - and directly to China - and back again!
The 16 km Oresund Bridge and Tunnel that links Denmark with Sweden via Copenhagen - is one of the longest combined tunnel - road and railroad bridges in the world - that transport passengers over and under the Oresund strait. Actually - it is now possible to drive a car from the most northern borders of Scandinavia through Denmark and all the way to China - without using any type of ferry connection. There are almost 2.200 bridges connecting Denmark.
Passion and Dedication

Online Presentation of Copenhagen and Denmark

For tourists and visitors that possibly select Copenhagen as their next travel destination - among the 200 other dynamic and attractive capital cities in the world - we have created this presentation of Copenhagen - together whit a brief introduction of Denmark - that will portray and show what the Danish Kingdom and its capital really has to offer travellers.

Passion and Dedication
The production of this Travellers Tourism Website and Cultural Guide is based on our passion and dedication for Copenhagen and Denmark - and has set the prime level and guidelines to meet our Ambition - Mission - and Vision to produce a different and inspiring online presentation that will promote Copenhagen and Denmark worldwide - and especially to all internet users and international explorers living in the fascinating - and ever-expanding Global Networking Community. And our Passion is to Connect Denmark.

Design and Content of

The design and content of this web-presentation will constantly be expanded and updated with new sites and information. Several new sites are being developed and designed in relation to the feedback we receive from our customers - and the users of - that successfully motivates us continually to create a much better tourism site. is presently built-up and consists of nearly 380 separate web pages - filled with information and visual material supported by 4500 images - portraying Scandinavia's biggest capital Copenhagen - and briefly the Kingdom of Denmark.

Flash Web-Sites
To offer our web-users rich internet applications in vector graphic - and to improve and strengthen our multimedia performance on our web-site - some sites are created - programmed and produced as Flash web-sites.
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The production of this Travellers Tourism Website and Cultural Guide is based on our passion and dedication for Copenhagen and Denmark. Here’s a beach motif from the west coast of Jutland - and the sandy North Sea coastline of Denmark - facing the waters of the great “Vesterhavet”.
Ambition - Mission & Vision
Our Ambition with is to provide an online presentation of Copenhagen and Denmark to our visitors - tourists and cruise passengers - plus other travellers visiting Scandinavian's biggest capital.
Our Ambition is to provide an online presentation of Copenhagen and Denmark to our visitors and business associates with a much different and superior tourist site - as well as a historical and cultural guide - then those existing on the Internet about the Danish Kingdom and Capital - as we find that our tourists - business travellers - cruise passengers - conference participants and Customers etc. deserve a valuable online tool that can become handy and convenient when visiting Denmark - and the Danish Capital Copenhagen with up-to-date information and advise.
* Our Mission is to put Copenhagen and Denmark on the world map with an all-round portrait of the country - capital and its proud citizens - as well as exporting and exploring thousand years of history - cultural background - heritage - national identity - Christian traditions and many ages of democratic principles plus gender equality - which all are the highest core values in the world for any Danish civilian - and personal ideals - that has been glued to each freedom loving Dane for centuries and generations.
Denmark & Copenhagen - Unknown Subjects!
* Even though the Danish state for decades has spent billions of the tax payer's money to promote Copenhagen and Denmark - then the editor still meets a large number of people - especially from the most civilised and western part of the cultivated world - who are not aware of - where Denmark is situated on the world map or - where Copenhagen is placed on this earth. Even in the 21st Century. The team at Inbound Travel Service is doing the outmost best to reduce and eliminate this poor record and to narrow the distance to inform - where on this beautiful world the lovely kingdom named Denmark is located!

Our Mission with is to put Copenhagen and Denmark on the world map by exporting its thousand years of history and cultural heritage that is glued to each freedom loving Dane.
Our Vision with is to create an informative tourist site and cultural guide that can inspire international travellers. Here is famous Nyhavn portrayed - with its picturesque houses - and the strip on the “sunny” side of the quay - also called "The longest bar in Scandinavia".
Our Vision is to create an informative tourist site and cultural guide that can inspire international travellers to select Copenhagen and Denmark as their next destination - as well as presenting a tourist friendly country and a modern knowledge-based nation that has been built up over a millennium by generations of great Danes and their dynamic descendants. At the present there are nearly 380 separate web pages running on filled with information and visual material with over 4500 images - about Copenhagen and Denmark.
Nostalgic & Vintage Tourism Posters
Interactive Maps
Finally Online!

Interactive Map
Take a Tour around the city.
Online Sightseeing Tourist and Cultural Guide
We are the first company in the world that provides our international travellers and web users with an Interactive Map on our Tourist Site and Cultural Guide.
Online interactive map over Copenhagen

We have finally completed the development and production of the Online Interactive Map with a documentary of all the major attractions - historical venues and hidden gems situated in Scandinavian’s biggest capital - Copenhagen. The documentary work with research - planning - development - text writing and photo editing - testing - programming and production of the new online sightseeing guide and sites - with over 800 supporting photos and images lasted for nearly one year - and is now uploaded on the Internet for our customers' and visitors’ convenience. Our goal was to create a different type of programme for tourists that were second to none and a concept that presented Copenhagen in a historical perspective with its many cultural treasures and heritage as well as royalties and other prominent persons that had the influence in the development of the royal city. This exclusive online Interactive Map and Sightseeing presentation will provide tourists and visitors with extensive and certified information about Copenhagen and is the first of its type ever exposed on the Internet or on any Tourist Portal.

  View Example and Tutor Guide
Flash Web-Sites & Interactive Maps
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Map - Greater Copenhagen
Explore Greater Copenhagen
Online Interactive Map over Greater Copenhagen

We have finally fulfilled many enquiries from our users and customers - and have launched a new interactive map over Greater Copenhagen with some of the many attraction and venues that are located in this area and the outskirts of Denmark’s Capital. We trust that this interactive map will be of great help for tourists and visitors planning a trip to Copenhagen. Take an online tour - and find a venue you possibly like to visit or lean more about.

Some Useful Information - Monthly!
Monthly Newsletter
Monthly Newsletter
For our Tourists and Cruise passengers convenience - we provide a Monthly Newsletter with all necessary and up to date info about Copenhagen with tips on what to see - what to do and where to go – and some practical advise - while you visit the Danish capital. We will describe the actually month in Copenhagen regarding latest Transport News - Weather - Sightseeing - Fields Trips - Eating - Events & Special Events - Cruise Ships - Free admission - Personal & Practical Information - Public Holidays & Flag Days - Recipes of the Month - City & Tour Tips - Miscellaneous - and much more. Newsletter

The only visible NEWSLETTER in Town about Copenhagen - with no monthly subscription needed!

A tribute to all Danes & Denmark
Denmark - A little country - but a very big subject
Even though this is a primary site about Copenhagen - we also want to portrait Denmark with a brief tour through the Danish Kingdom and its history - as well as describing the democratic values - religion - and the thousand years of cultural heritage that binds this nation together and contributed to build up the Danish kingdom by many hard working generations. Even though being a little country - Denmark is one of the biggest contributors - when it comes to founding assistance to the Third World and undeveloped countries. The Danes just adore their country - and pay happily for their welfare system - in spite of the fact that they are the most heavily taxed people in the world.

Danish Food Culture - A delicious taste of Denmark
Food Culture
Every country has their own food culture and drinking traditions as well has the Danes. Danish food culture has been cultivated and improved for many generations and is mainly rooted from the old country kitchen and the cold weather conditions in Denmark. Today Denmark is the most pork eating nation in the world and the Danes love their beer - snaps and wine plus other soft drinks - when dining.

Food Culture
Copenhagen Culture - A tribute to Copenhageners  
A tribute to Copenhageners and their city - plus some more information about Copenhagen’s Cultural background - which has more than thousand years of history and influenced by Danish Culture Heritage that has formed generations of friendly and helpful citizens - throughout centuries.

Brief History about Copenhagen
King Christian IV
Copenhagen was founded in the years 1160-67 by Bishop Absalon (1128-1201) - who was at that time the counsellor for King Valdemar I (1131-1182 - Ruled Denmark 1154–57 as Valdemar the Great). It was King Valdemar I that gave Absalon the task to build a city on the east coast of Zealand to protect trade on the Sound (Øresund). The brief history about Copenhagen up to our time.


Hotel Booking Online & Event Calendar
Hotel Booking Online
Hotel Booking Online - with great savings
You can now book your hotel in Copenhagen online - with great savings.

Event Calendar
Event Calendar
Our Event Calendar is probably the most extensive in Scandinavia - listing the most appealing and important events and show venues in Copenhagen for musicals - fairs - festivals - shows - cultural venues - exhibitions - conferences - sports events - amusements - arts and craft - local activities etc. and are often backed up with video sequences and presentations. The Copenhagen-Portal Event Calendar is constantly being updated showing the latest entertainments in the city. Event Calendar
Inbound Travel Service
Special Transfers - Tours & Transport
Our Bus Capacity covers a fleet of Luxury Coaches and Vehicles of various sizes.
Guided Sightseeing Tours - Copenhagen
We arrange Special Guided Sightseeing tours in and around Copenhagen for individuals and groups with qualified guides that speaks the customer’s preferred language. The excursion can be programmed with a canal tour - visit to Rosenborg Castle for a distinctive tour of the Royal Chambers and Knight's Hall - and experience the Danish monarchy's gorgeous Crown Jewels - the Royal residence Amalienborg and changing of the Royal guards - plus a stopover at other interesting top attractions and historical landmarks of Copenhagen with plenty of photo opportunities.
Interactive map - Copenhagen

Private Transfers - Guided Tours - Special Arrangements
We provide special transfers to and from the airport - or cruise terminals - and also in combination with our tour packages around the city or countryside - with private chauffeurs and professional bus drivers - together with qualified tour guides with expertise in 27 different languages - as well as conducting other types of special excursion arrangements - and guided tour programs. We can assure to accomplish any kind of luxury ground transportation services by customizing the activities to our customers needs - occasion and satisfaction. And
our Bus Capacity covers a fleet of Luxury Coaches and Vehicles of various sizes - as our concept is to offer special transfers from the airport to the hotel or cruise terminals combined with other services during the customers stay in Copenhagen.

Contact us for special guided tour programs and arrangements at: Inbound Travel Service

Inbound Travel Service
Inbound Travel Service is a competent team at Copenhagen - that has specialized in consulting and managing a large range of travel services for groups and travellers - who are planning to visit Copenhagen and Denmark.

Conferences - Congresses - Corporate Events
Selecting the appropriate Venue for an event in Copenhagen or beyond is our passion - and managing the planning - implementation and completion of the arrangement is our speciality!

Cruise Passengers & Visitors
A special cruise section for sailing passengers to Copenhagen and its ports is established with plentiful of information and advise - when visiting the prime capital of Scandinavia.
Cruise Copenhagen & Denmark
Test your knowledge about Copenhagen
To get aquatinted with Copenhagen you can test your knowledge and learn more about the capital city of Denmark.
Test Facts About Copenhagen
Netshop with digital products.
Thank you for buying our digital CD-products about Copenhagen and for exploring our new Interactive Map and Sightseeing concept at our Netshop. We certainly hope it will motivate you to visit Copenhagen and give you the necessary inspiration to discover the city.

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Monthly Newsletter

Monthly NewsLetter

Kindly always check the latest Monthly NewsLetter - with the newest information about Copenhagen and Denmark.
Monthly NewsLetter

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The Online Goodwill and Tourism Ambassadors of Copenhagen & Denmark!
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