Cycling and Driving in Copenhagen & Denmark

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Cycling - Driving - Denmark
Cycling and Driving in Copenhagen & Denmark
"Cycling is a life style in Denmark"
Cycling and Outdoor Fun in Denmark
...but you'll look sweet - upon the seat - of a bicycle made for two!
Denmark is a Cycling Country. Explore Denmark on a Bicycle & have fun.
Explore Copenhagen & Denmark on a cycle
Due to fair and good weather conditions in the city from springtime - summer to autumn - and for outdoor fun in Copenhagen - we invite everyone to lend a cycle at your hotel and logging site - or pay for electric bicycle - or hire a bike at selected cycles shops - and explore Copenhagen - with all the historical places and cultural venues - together with all the amusing spots the biggest city of Scandinavia can offer. You can take a cycle tour and ride through Copenhagen - which will give you a good way to explore the city - and plenty of inspiration. Start at the Town Hall Square - and take the safe cycle tracks alongside "Vesterbrogade" - and pass Tivoli Gardens from 1843 - then pass the Central Station of Copenhagen from 1911 - and stop to admire the Liberty Memorial from 1779. All the way trough "Vesterbrogade" you will find a diversity of shops - and a bustling shopping area. Pass the Museum of Copenhagen - and then cycle all the way to Copenhagen Zoo from 1859. Visit the neighbouring Frederiksberg Palace - and the pretty Palace Gardens from 1703. The cycle tour will take around 1 - 1½ hours - and is about 3,5 km. long one way. And in the cool fresh - frosty wintertime - just follow the “Vikings” of Copenhagen - and get some rosy blossom cheeks and crispy lips - while cycling in the city.

350 km of safe cycle tracks in Copenhagen
Visitors can actually take cycle trips from the one end of the city to the other within 1 - 2 hours. Copenhagen is geared for cycles with over 350 km of safe cycle tracks in and around the city.

Over 800,000 cycles in Copenhagen
Nearly every Copenhagener owns a bicycle - as there are almost 800,000 cycles in Copenhagen. Over 60% of all Copenhageners cycle back and forth to work - to the nearest station or to other public transportation services. There are over 400 km of save cycle tracks around the city - and should the cyclist have a green wave between traffic lights - the speed on a bicycle can easily reach 20 km per hour. Cycles are widely used in the summertime - due to the suitable weather conditions - even though the cycle tracks in the winter period are effectively cleaned for snow or other obstacles. Around 400,000 cyclists use their cycle’s everyday
to commute back and forth to work - or leave their cycles at bus stops - train station or at other public transport venues. Copenhageners cycle averagely 800 km yearly on their precious bicycles. The first separate bicycle tracks was established in Copenhagen around the Lakes in 1910 - to secure the heavy growth of cycles on the road at that time.

Copenhagen has a quite noble cycle culture
Copenhagen is a very biker friendly city and has been it for almost 100 years with a quite noble cycle culture - and here are some basic rules - when cycling in the city:

- Keep right and always use the bicycle tracks - when available
- Use hand signals - when turning right or left or stopping
- In Denmark there are no right turns on red
- Only one person is allowed on a cycle - and riding side by side is --permitted - Stop at bus stops - and permit passengers to enter or --departure the bus
- Front and rear light are obligatory
at night time - plus a bell
- Cycle helmets are not compulsory - either for children or adults
Cycling against the traffic flow of traffic is forbidden

Fast "Loose Missiles"
When you cross a cycle path - look before you leap - as some cyclist in Copenhagen ride very fast on the cycle tracks - that they sometimes are considered to be the "loose missiles" of the city - as all cyclists in Denmark have first priority in the traffic. So take every precaution - when you see a cyclist in Copenhagen. But there is an astonishing good cycle culture in Copenhagen - and cyclist will take good care of all tourists and visitors. So - don’t play “Adventurous or Courageous Pedestrians” in any way in Copenhagen - as there are numerous of “Pit Stops” like pedestrian “Zebra Crossings” all over town.

Cycle Culture in Denmark
The Danes have been cycling back and forth in their towns for more than 100 years - and have gained a certain form of special and kind cycle culture - and the Danes just love their bikes.

Bicycle Lanes and Paths
The first separate bicycle paths was established in Copenhagen around the Lakes in 1910 - as the existing bridle paths was converted into isolated safe Cycle tracks to secure the heavy growth of cycles on the road at that time. Since bicycle paths has been created all over Denmark and is a part of the safe cycling culture in nearly every Danish city.

Inbound Travel Service & Cycling Tours
We conduct Cycling Tours for groups in Copenhagen and all over Denmark. Especially the Isles of Bornholm - Samsø - Lolland & Falser plus Møn are perfect cycling location with limited distances for day tours between attractions and lodging facilities.

Cycling to Tourist Venues
Visit the city by cycle. Start at the Town Hall Square - and then to other tourist venues.
Cycling to the Beach
You will always be near any beach area - when you live in Copenhagen - and it’s easy just to take a cycle trip for a swim or for sunbathing.
Cycling to city hot spots
There are many nearby attractions and historical places that can be reached by cycle from the city centre and Town Hall of Copenhagen.
Cycling across Denmark
Cycling in Denmark is great fun for everyone - who just love to spend their vacation on a bike.
Driving in Copenhagen & Denmark
Danish Trafic Signs
There are many rules and regulations for vehicles and drivers - when crossing the Danish borders. This and other traffic signs will meet motor vehicle drivers crossing the Danish borders.

Basic traffic rules
In Denmark everyone drives on the right side of the road - and remember - always with the head lights on. All the road signs use standard international symbols and sometimes include Danish text. 1 kilometer is equal to 0.6 miles.

Speed Limits
Speed limits in Denmark is 50 km/h in towns and built-up areas - 80 km/h on open roads - and 110 km/h on the highway (some parts allow 130 km/h with posted signs). There are special speed limits for trailers - caravans and mobile homes.

Safety Rules
In Denmark - seat belts must be used at all times - and there must be a seat belt for every person in the car. Make sure to carry a warning triangle in your car - and use it when stopping on open roads or highways. Parking cars unlawfully will result in a fine of over DKK 700,-. It’s a must in Denmark always to keep your headlights on.

Drink Driving & Drugs
Just don't drink and drive with alcohol or drugs in your body. The legal limit for alcohol in your blood is 0.05 per cent in Denmark - anything higher than 0.05 per cent - one will receive a very high fine - hard punishment - as well as a jail sentence! And driving under the influence of drugs or other former for euphoriants will provide the driver with even higher sentences - who subsequently will be punished severely.

Driving Documents and Motorcycles
Always carry your driving licence - vehicle registration document - and certificate of motor insurance with you - as all motor vehicles by law must be insured in Denmark. You must be 18 years to drive a car or motorcycle in Denmark - and motor cyclists must by law use a crash helmet at all times.

Emergency and Assistance
If involved in a traffic accident in Denmark - one must call 112 to receive help and support from the Danish police - fire department or ambulance.

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