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Copenhagen - Denmark - 2017
Cruise Destinations & Ports of Call in Denmark
Cruise Ground Services & Destination Management
Cruise Ship Visitors and Passengers Guide
Langelinie Pier
Langelinie Pier is the Port of Call for international Cruise Ships - with historic terminal facilities.
Cruise Ships & Ports of Call - Copenhagen

Cruise Ships in Copenhagen - and The City Brand of Copenhagen

All international Cruise vessels that visits Denmark’s Capital city Copenhagen for the cruise season - will either line up at the Langelinie Pier - or the harbour area of the Freeport Piers at Nordhavn. The “Turn Around” Cruise ships - will mainly tie up at the North Harbour Piers for embarkation. Langelinie Pier is just about two km. from the stature of “The Little Mermaid” - which has for decades been the symbol and landmark - as well as the prime City Brand of Copenhagen. That's why Copenhageners also call Copenhagen - THE MERMAID CITY.

The world’s leading Cruise companies use Scandinavia’s largest capital Copenhagen - as one of their most important embarkation ports - and ports of call - due to the favorable location of the city by the waterfront - which is the natural gateway to the Scandinavian - German - Polish - Baltic and Russian ports of Call.

The Little Mermaid


Copenhagen has 4 Cruise Ports of Call - spread over the harbour area!

Copenhagen has
4 Cruise Ports

Ocean Quay Cruise Terminal

The Langelinie

The Freeport Piers -

The DFDS Terminal
Amerika Plads

The Freeport Piers - Nordhavn
The Freeport Piers - Nordhavn - is the new port of call for international Cruise ships - with modern passenger terminal facilities and luggage services. At the upper right on photo is the Langelinie pier.
The DFDS Cruise Terminal - Amerika Plads
The DFDS cruise terminal at - Amerika Plads - where DFDS sails and service the Copenhagen - Helsingborg (Sweden) - Oslo (Norway) route. The ferry to Poland docks here too.
4 Cruise Terminal facilities in Copenhagen

The Freeport Piers at Nordhavn - and the Langelinie Quay are located in opposite directions around the harbour area. A new permanent and modern terminal - The Ocean Quay Cruise Terminal is established on the North Harbour to service some of the millions of incoming international cruise travellers - and crew members more conveniently in the future - with a pier to dock three cruise ships at a time.
The DFDS Terminal at Amerika Plads serves passengers sailing to Oslo - Norway. The Langelinie Quay offers their passengers historic terminal facilities - and situated in the Langelinie park area. The old Langelinie quay was established in 1910 - for embarkation of international cruise liners - and is still functioning as a cruise terminal.

The Cruise Season 2016 in Brief
The Cruise Ship season ended in 2016 - with almost 300-320 Cruise Ships Calls - nearly as in 2015 - which is less calls than in 2016. Over 1.2 million passengers and crew member from all over the world have visited Copenhagen by ship in 2016 - and a larger number of Cruise Ships and passengers are expected in 2017.

The National breakdown of Cruise Vessels and Passengers in 2016
The busiest months for Cruise Ships Calls in the ports of Copenhagen and Denmark for Cruise Liners in 2016 was June - July and August - and the roughly nationality breakdown of passengers visiting Copenhagen in 2016 - was as follows: USA/Canada (25%) Germany (23%) - Scandinavia (21%) - UK (14%) - Italy (7%) - Spain (4%) - Australia (3%) - and worldwide (3%) - and
almost equal to 2015 figures.
Popular Port of Call
Over 1.2 million passengers and crew members from all over the world have visited Copenhagen by ship in 2016 - as Copenhagen is the largest port of call in Northern Europe.
Langelinie and Copenhagen Freeport - Ports of Call since 1894
The Langelinie Pier - 1910
The Langelinie Pier has since it was established in 1894 - always been a popular outing venue and stylish promenade for Copenhageners - as this picture from 1910 indicates. Every year the pier is filled up with cruise ships from all over the world with thousands of passengers visiting Copenhagen.
Freeport of Copenhagen - 1905
The Freeport of Copenhagen was established in 1891-1894 and even in 1905 (picture) it was a very important and busy seaport. Today the harbour area is called Nordhavn and is the main port of call with modern terminal facilities and transport services for international cruise ships.

The Langelinie Pier

A favourite and
very popular
outing venue
for Copenhageners
since 1894

Copenhagen's History in Brief

Click on the link History - and experience the Historic timeline of Copenhagen - from the foundation of the city (København)
in 1167 - to the development of a modern and well established capital with a friendly atmosphere in historic surroundings - between the clean waters of the fresh Oresound - and the wide open green areas of greater Copenhagen. Langelinie Pier and harbour area - where some of the Cruise vessels embark - was established in 1894 - as a promenade for the citizens of Copenhagen - and has been the main pick-up point since 1910 for international passenger liners since its establishment. The Langelinie pier and walking avenue has also been a favourite outing venue - and esplanade for Copenhageners since 1894.

History about Copenhagen


Cruise Ships
from all over the
world will visit
Copenhagen -
and nearly a million
passengers will enter the City Ports

The Harbour area
Cruise Ships in Copenhagen lined up at the Langelinie Quay beside the Langelinie Park. Many passengers relax around the harbour and park area during their stay. The Langelinie Pier has since it was established in 1894 - always been a popular outing venue and stylish promenade for Copenhageners
Cruise Ships in Copenhagen
All international Cruise vessels that visits Denmark’s Capital city Copenhagen for the cruise season - will either line up at the Langelinie Pier or the harbour area of the Freeport Piers at Nordhavn - on their voyage to the Baltic and Scandinavian countries - as Copenhagen is the main gateway to the Baltic Sea.
Cruise Destinations & Ports of Call in Denmark
Cruise Destinations - Denmark
Ports of Call in Denmark
The West Coast of Jutland
Visit the vast and rustic West Coast areas of Jutland - with the ever moving sand dunes - and the lighthouse at “Råbjerg Mile” - that is predicted to fall into the sea within 6-7 years.
Cruise Destinations & Ports of Call in Denmark
Beside Copenhagen being the major cruise destination in Scandinavia - then several other beautiful and exhilarating cities in Denmark - all filled with a rich history - interesting attractions and an explosion of cultural venues - are visited by intercontinental cruise passengers - as these selected cruise destinations and Danish waterfront townscapes are widely used as the Port of Call for international Cruise Liners cruising the clean and steady waters of Denmark.
Ports of Call in Denmark:

Jutland: Aalborg - Aarhus - Fredericia - Skagen
Funen: Faaborg
Sealand: Copenhagen - Elsinore - Hundested - Kalundborg
Bornholm: Rønne
Shore Excursion and Field Trips
Our Inbound Travel Service Team offers comprehensive shore excursion and field trips from all Danish cruise destinations - as well as exploring the countryside around the local historical areas with many exciting sites and top attractions.
Cruise Lines operating from Copenhagen Ports of Call...
...and other Ports of Call in Denmark!
Cruising Copenhagen and Scandinavia
Popular destination port

Another important factor for using Copenhagen as a popular destination port is that Copenhagen is the main gateway to Denmark - Sweden - Finland - Russia - Estonia - Latvia - Lithuania - Poland and Germany - where mostly all cruise vessels have stopover ports in major capital cities during their voyages.
Cruising Northern Europe - Scandinavia - Baltic region - Russia
Map of Northern Europe with major cruise ports - when cruising in Scandinavian and the Baltic Seas
See pictures and description of the ports off call capitals and cities during cruise voyage
  Cruising Scandinavia & The Baltic Sea - Interactive Map
Cruise Ground Services & Destination Management
We provide all services for port of call Ground Operations - Transfers - Shore Excursions - Cultural & Leisure Events etc. - in Copenhagen - with the best combinations that ensure safe and enjoyable arrangements in and beyond Copenhagen. We also offer Cruise Events - and Hospitality Venue Programs - as a part of our Destination Management solutions and services.

Transfer - Transport - Excursion - Accommodation: Inbound Travel Service
Cruise Passengers - Get married in Copenhagen
Cruise Passengers - Get married in Copenhagen
Whether you are boarding a Cruise Ship - or leaving a Cruise Ship - or just on a turn around Cruise Ship - and have Copenhagen as your Cruise Destination Port of Call - then it is quite easy to have a romantic wedding at the famous Town Hall of Copenhagen - and then continue your journey as a happy newly wed couple - with a memorable and legal Marriage Certificate in your hand after the wedding service at the Town Hall Copenhagen - or other suitably and beautiful venues in and around Copenhagen.

Begin or end a
visit in Copenhagen with a memorable
and legal Marriage Certificate in your hand after the wedding service at the Town Hall of Copenhagen or
other suitable
venues in and
around the city.
Botanical Garden - Wedding Venue
Get married in the Palm House of the Botanical Garden in Copenhagen all year round - or conduct a romantic wedding service in the beautiful outdoor landscaped garden areas in the summer time. The Botanical Garden was established in 1872.
Cruise Passengers - Copenhagen Wedding
Cruise Passengers visiting Copenhagen can easily get married at Copenhagen's Town Hall - or other wedding venues - and continue arrangements with a memorable and legal Marriage Certificate after the wedding service in Copenhagen.
Weddind & Marriage Certificate: Town Hall
Historical Wedding Venues:
Stevns Church - 13th century Church
Kronborg Castle - 1574
The Old Stock Exchange - 1690
Historical Palace Estates and Massions - from the 12th century
Historical Churches - Copenhagen
Sightseeing Copenhagen and Beyond
Historical places - Museums - Amusements - Sightseeing venues etc.
Rating tourist venues
Most popular
Worth seeing
See - if time
Attractions to Experience in and Beyond Copenhagen
Star rated and classified - attractions and venues
Guided City Tours and Sightseeing in and outside of Copenhagen *
Private City Tours and Sightseeing in and beyond Copenhagen*
We arrange individual city tours and special field trips in and outside of Copenhagen - as well as weekly cultural and historical excursions for small and large groups - with authorized guides that's speaks the cruise passengers preferred language. Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and an old historical and cultural city with an overflow of interesting attractions and venues that one can find on the interactive map of Copenhagen - together with all the information on Visit the The Little Mermaid (The national landmark) - Tivoli Gardens - A long harbour and canal tour (Historical Copenhagen by Sea) - Amalienborg Palace (Royal Residence) - Christiansborg Palace (Danish Parliament) - Rosenborg Castle (Crown Jewels) - “Nyhavn” (The longest bar in Scandinavia) - The Round Tower (1642) - The Old Citadel (1664) - The City Hall Tower (Birds eye view of the city) - The Open Air Museum (Amazing Rural Buildings from 1650-1950) - The Lure Blowers (Test if you're a virgin) and much more - like tasting a cool foaming Carlsberg Beer at its Visitor Centre - or stop at a little Micro Brewery with a variety of own special in-house brewed beer. Take a tour with us to the little fishing village just outside of Copenhagen called Dragør - where fishing boats enters the harbour early in the morning with their daily catch - or sail with an old wooden schooner and experience the Sound and the North Sealand coast line together with a glimpse of the Swedish seashores. Our interactive maps over Copenhagen and Greater Copenhagen can help deepen the knowledge to the many prehistoric places and remarkable top tourist locations described as well as being a helpful inspiration guide - when selecting venues for planning tour suggestions in and around Copenhagen.

Interactive Map

InBound Tours

Beaches and Bathing
Guided Tours - Greater Copenhagen and Sealand - Beyond Copenhagen & Sealand Tours *
Guided Tours - Greater Copenhagen - North Sealand and a bit of the Eastern and South side of Sealand*
Outside of Copenhagen there are many exciting venues such as the little fishing village Dragør just 12 km from the city centre - where visitors still can buy fresh fish from the ship side and experience the maze of old fishermen's yellow painted houses - red roofs and cobblestone streets. In North Sealand one will find all the heavyweight top attractions like Kronborg Castle at Elsinore (Hamlet's Castle) from 1590 - then the Royal summer residence Fredensborg Palace at Fredensborg from 1720 - with the huge historical park and baroque garden - and then the largest renaissance castle in Scandinavia - Frederiksborg Castle at Hillerød from 1560 that also houses The Museum of National History. Alongside the eastern coastline to Kronborg are the Karen Blixen Museum and Louisiana - Museum of Modern Art - situated with a splendid view over Oresund as well as Sweden and a gem for history and art lovers. We offer transfers - combined with exclusive door-to-door sightseeing tours and guided excursions - with authorized guides that's speaks the cruise passengers preferred language..
North Sealand
Exclusive Excursions - Eastern and South side of Sealand and the Isle of Møn *
Exclusive Excursions - Eastern and South side of Sealand and the Isle of Møn*
On the very east side of Sealand at the town Kalundborg - the Five Tower Cathedral from around 1200 called Our Lady is beautifully situated facing down to the fjord. At Roskilde the great Roskilde Cathedral - built during the 12th and 13th centuries - is a popular attraction - where all the Danish Monarchs are buried since the reformation in 1536. On the mid east cost of Sealand at Stevns Cliffs - a very remarkable church and popular tourist venue from 1250 is located and called - Højerup Kirke - as half of the church collapsed during a storm and fell down into the sea. The Fjenneslev Church from 1130 and the birthplace of Copenhagen’s creator Bishop Absalon - as well as the Viking Settlement at Trelleborg from around 980 AC are historical places that are worth a visit. At the very south of Sealand - at the town of Vordingborg - the high and mighty Goose Tower was built by King Valdemar about 1364 - and was a part of an old fortress. On the Isle of Møn - the great Cliff of Møn is sited. It is Denmark’s highest cliffs being over 6 km long and a ever going tourist magnet - where one can experience 70 million years of history - when the Cliffs rose from the surface - at the time when all of Denmark was literary cover by the sea. We offer transfers - combined with first-class door-to-door sightseeing tours and guided excursions - with authorized guides that's speaks the cruise passengers preferred language.
InBound Tours

Discover Denmark by touring around the country - Denmark Tours *
Discover Denmark by touring around the country*
Denmark is Jutland - Sealand - Funen - Lolland-Falster and Bornholm
Denmark is a cute fairytale country and best known as Viking country. In brief - you will find a mix of the best from both worlds - such as modern societies and ancient history. The Danish countryside is filled with beautiful landscapes and coastlines - historical relics of the past - cultural sights - old and new architecture - medieval castles and ancient manors - middle-aged towns and churches - extensive beach areas and natural scenic coastlines - exciting attractions and amusement parks - idyllic old market towns - prehistoric monuments and fishing villages and last but not least modern city life with many thrilling activities and plentiful of experiences. One will find inspiration for planning tour ideas inside Denmark by visiting the pictorial section in our presentation of Denmark under - Glimpse of interesting places in Denmark and some cultural traditions - and experience all the top attractions and historical locations in Denmark - which also will give you a peek into the Danes historical and cultural treasure chest.

And then there is the rocky isle called Bornholm - with many historical venues and famous round churches as on a string of pearls - gathered on this island way out on the Baltic Sea - where the smoked herring is the National dish. Experience and explore Denmark with us! Denmark

Selected venues in Denmark
Select the venues you find interesting - whether it's located in Copenhagen - Århus - Aalborg - Odense or in Jutland - Sealand - Funen - Lolland-Falster and Bornholm - then we will try to fulfil your tour requirements and provide you with the best tour experience ever - when visiting Denmark - or the team at Inbound Travel Service can offer a complete package tour with all the interesting attractions and inspiring venues located all over the Danish countryside and peninsular. Experience and explore Denmark with us! Denmark

Outbound Tours & Services
Our Inbound Travel Service team also offers outbound travel service to neighbouring international destinations outside of Copenhagen and Denmark. We arrange tours from Copenhagen with luxury busses to Sweden - German and Poland. Outbound Tours
Historical Shore Excursions and Guided Tours beyond Copenhagen*

Karen Blixen Museum
Karen Blixen Museum & Louisiana

- One day trip up north by the scenic coastline of Sealand to Karen Blixen Museum and Louisiana - Museum of Modern Art. An extraordinary and genuine excursion for Literature and Art Lovers.

Louisiana - Museum of Modern Art
The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is located in northern Zealand with a panoramic view across the Oresund. The museum frames the sculpture park facing the sea - and the interaction between art - nature and the museum architecture is quite unique.

Kronborg Castle
- One day trip to famous Kronborg Castle (Hamlets Castle) from 1574. Visit the Royal apartments and sleeping chambers. The Grand Ballroom and the Kings tapestries. The spooky dungeons and the horrifying casemates - where the national hero "Holger The Dane" is watching over Denmark - and the original Castle Chapel. Experience also the old ramparts that surround the entire Kronborg fortification with beautiful views over the Sound and Sweden. Kronborg Castle is a World Heritage Site.

Fredensborg Palace
- Fredensborg Palace is the Danish Royal Family’s summer residence and visitors have access to the park area all year and inside of the palace complex in the month of July.

Frederiksborg Castle
The South Sealand Tour
- Visit Fjenneslev Church from 1130 - with its remarkable and fascinating history. The church is also the birthplace of Copenhagen’s creator Bishop Absalon. After Fjenneslev - then continue to the famous Højerup Church from 1250 - located today at the edge of Stevns Cliff - where the choir collapsed in 1928 - and fell into the water - with parts of the graveyard and some of the grave monuments too. Then the tour continues further to the Isle of Møns Cliff - Denmark’s highest cliff - which is nearly 130 metres over sea level - and stretches over 6 km alongside the coastline. Møns Cliff was created over 75 million years ago - and offers the most fantastic panoramic view over Oresound - and Baltic Sea - and in really clear weather - one will experience Sweden and Germany in the horizon. The excursion can be combined with a stop at the Viking Ring Fortress "Trelleborg" from 980 AC - built by the Danish King Harald Bluetooth - "Who won the whole of Denmark and Norway - and turned the Danes to Christianity."

Roskilde Cathedral - Viking Ship Museum & Jægerspris Castle
- One day Royal and historical trip to Roskilde Cathedral (Burial Plot for Danish Monarchs since 1536) - and the Viking Ship Museum. Roskilde Cathedral is a World Heritage Site. The excursion can be combined with a visit to Jægerspris Castle on the Hornsherred peninsula - which was a Baroque summer a retreat for King Frederik VII (1808-1863 - King of Denmark 1848-1863) - and his morganatic wife Countess Danner - or to the outstanding Open Air Museum - if preffered - and selected.

Roskilde Cathedral

The Flexible Castle Tour & Open Air Museum
- One day inspirational trip to North Sealand visiting Frederiksborg Castle from 1600 and experience all the Royal rooms - chambers and fabulous Knights Hall - then Fredensborg Palace from 1720 (Royal Summer Residence) for a photo session - and then Kronborg Castle (Hamlets Castle) from 1574 - where we will see the ramparts and fortification - and also enjoy the view to Sweden and the Sound. The excursion can be combined with a visit to Jægerspris Castle on the Hornsherred peninsula - which was a Baroque summer retreat for King Frederik VII (1808-1863 - King of Denmark 1848-1863) - and his morganatic wife Countess Danner - or to the outstanding Open Air Museum - if preffered - and selected.

The Viking Ship Museum
- The Viking Ships Museum was established in 1969 on the banks of Roskilde Fjord precisely where archaeologist found and started the excavation of the 6 well preserved Viking ships in 1962 - called the Skuldelev Ships 1-6 dated back to around 1060. Beside of the grand museum hall with the Viking Ships exhibited - there is a shipyard connected to the Viking Ship Museum where reconstructions of the original ships are built.

Jægerspris Castle & Royal Museum
- This quite remarkable Jægerspris Castle is situated outside of the small town Jægerspris - located in mid Sealand on the Hornsherred peninsula with the calm waters of scenic Roskilde Fjord and Isefjord as neighbours. The Baroque Jægerspris Castle from around 1300 - has been the property of Danish monarchs since the 13th century - and was the retreat castle for King Frederik VII - who was the last Oldenburg King of Denmark to rule as an absolute monarch - and who signed the first Danish Constitution in 1849

*Tailored and customized excursions

"As our tour philosophy is - that standard tour packages are becoming an event of the past - we only offer tailored and customized excursions for individual groups with authorized guides that speak the customer’s preferred language - and with tours itineraries and programmes that are selected in cooperation with the traveller - which we belief gives the best sightseeing and tour experience."

Sightseeing - North Sealand

Top Attractions - beyond Copenhagen

Contact us for special guided tour programs and arrangements at: Inbound Travel Service
Museums - Galleries - Art Venues

Museums and Art Galleries in Copenhagen - Free entry: Info site
Visit some of the Museums and Art Galleries in Copenhagen with Free Entrance and lots of interesting learning about the Danish culture and historical background.

Free entry all year round to: The National Gallery - The National Museum - Open Air Museum.


Transfers - Tours & Transportation
Special Transfers - Guided Tours & Transport
Our Bus Capacity covers a fleet of Luxury Coaches and Vehicles of various sizes.
Guided Sightseeing Tours - Copenhagen
We arrange Special Guided Sightseeing tours in and around Copenhagen for individuals and groups with our skilled tour guides that speaks the customer’s preferred languages. The excursion can be programmed with a canal tour - visit to Rosenborg Castle for a distinctive tour of the Royal Chambers and Knight's Hall - and experience the Danish monarchy's gorgeous Crown Jewels - the Royal residence Amalienborg and changing of the Royal guards - plus a stopover at other interesting top attractions and historical landmarks of Copenhagen with plenty of photo opportunities.
Interactive map - Copenhagen

Private Transfers - Guided Tours - Special Arrangements
We provide special transfers to and from the airport - or cruise terminals - and also in combination with our tour packages around the city or countryside - with private chauffeurs or professional bus drivers - together with our qualified tour guides some with expertise in speaking many different languages - as well as conducting other types of special excursion arrangements - and guided tour programs. We can assure to accomplish any kind of luxury ground transportation services by customizing the activities to our customers needs - occasion and satisfaction. We always offer special transfers from the airport to the hotel or cruise terminals combined with other personal services - as waiting for our customers at the airport or cruise port - and meeting them there during the stay in Copenhagen.

Contact us for special guided tour programs and arrangements at: Inbound Travel Service

Events in Copenhagen
Event Calendar
Event Calendar
Our Event Calendar is probably the most extensive in Scandinavia - listing the most appealing and important events and show venues in Copenhagen for musicals - fairs - festivals - shows - cultural venues - exhibitions - conferences - sports events - amusements - arts and craft - local activities etc. and are often backed up with video sequences and presentations. The Copenhagen-Portal Event Calendar is constantly being updated showing the latest entertainments in the city.
Monthly Newsletter - Latest News and Tourism Information about Cruise Ships in Copenhagen!
Monthly Newsletter

For our Tourists and Cruise passengers convenience - we provide a Monthly Newsletter with all necessary - and up to date info about Copenhagen - with tips on what to see - what to do and where to go - and some practical advise - while you visit the Danish capital. We will describe the actually month in Copenhagen regarding latest Transport news - Weather - Sightseeing - Fields Trips - Eating - Events & Special Events - Cruise Ships - Free admission - Personal & Practical Information - Public Holidays & Flag Days - Recipes of the Month - City & Tour Tips - Incoming Copenhagen - Miscellaneous and much more.

Cruise News - and the number of Cruise Ships visiting Copenhagen each month!


Visitors Lounge - Travel Service

Tourist & Visitors' Lounge

Cruise passengers can find a lot of valuable and practical information in this special lounge for tourists and visitors visiting Copenhagen like: Weather and Climate in Denmark - Language - Personal emergencies - Free hospital treatment - Electricity - Tipping - Safety Precautions - Police in Copenhagen - Local Transportation etc.

Visitors Lounge

Hotel Booking Copenhagen - 85 Hotels

From DKK 285,- p.p. per/night
Breakfast included!

We guaranty the best Hotels and Prices!


Customised Roundtrip with Guide - in and around Denmark

We can take you Here - There & Everywhere in and around Denmark!
Shopping Guide - to be updated!
Great Shopping Malls just 20 minutes from Central Copenhagen - to be updated!
Just navigate trough this Copenhagen Portal Website - if you want to learn more about the city with the Little Mermaid and many other interesting attractions - as well as historical places.
This Cruise Site - will be updated frequently!
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