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World Heritage Sites in Denmark
Top Attractions & Delightful Denmark
Copenhagen & Denmark
Sightseeing and Shore Excursions - Denmark & Beyond Copenhagen
Top Attractions - Historical Castles and World Heritage Sites Beyond Copenhagen
5-Star Tourist Sites
There are plentiful of Top Attractions and Historical Venues placed outside of Copenhagen plus some World Heritage Sites that are visited by millions of tourists and travellers every year - where they can experience thousands of years of Danish Cultural Heritage.
Top Attractions - Beyond Copenhagen
And World Heritage Sites
Kronborg Castle - 1574
Kronborg Castle (Hamlets Castle) from 1574-1585 - built by King Frederik II - is a top-attraction outside of Copenhagen and listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Roskilde Cathedral - 1170
Roskilde Cathedral from 1170 - is a top-attraction outside of Copenhagen and the Royal Burial Plot since 1536 - and listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The Eremitage Woodlands
The Hermitage Palace and unique "Par Force" hunting landscape around the Eremitage Woodlands is listed on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage sites.
Frederiksborg Castle - 1600
Frederiksborg Castle from 1600 - is a top-attraction outside of Copenhagen.
Viking Ships - 980 AC
The Viking Ship Museum is a top-attraction outside of Copenhagen.
Historic Dragør Town - 12th century
Historical Dragør Town is a Cultural pearl outside of Copenhagen.
Fredensborg Palace - 1720
Fredensborg Palace from 1720-1726 - is a Top Attraction - and the summer residence of the Royal family.
Fjenneslev Church - 1130
Fjenneslev Church from 1130 - is a top-attraction outside of Copenhagen.
Delightful Denmark Series
And World Heritage Sites
The Sand Covered Church
The sand covered church - build in the middle of the 14th century - and located in the enormous landscape of Skagen.
Stevns Klint (Stevns Cliff)
Stevns Klint (Stevns Cliff) - 65 million years old - and a Church on its way into the sea. A UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Aarhus - The heart of Culture & Art
Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark - and a remarkable cultural pearl and artistic oasis in Jutland.
The Jelling Runic Stones
The Jelling Runic Stones - located in the eastern part of Jutland - is recognised as a National Symbol - and the Danish Kingdom's Birth Certificate - indicating that King Harald Bluetooth had introduced Christianity to the Danes for over 1,000 years ago. A UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Moens Cliff - (Møns Klint)
Breath-taking and astonishing Møns Klint (Moens Cliff) - is Denmark’s highest cliff that stretches over an area - which is more than 6 km long - and faces the Baltic Sea. The Cliffs of Moen is a very popular tourist venue on the southern part of Sealand - and on the isle of Møn reaches almost 130 m. above sea level.

The Wadden Sea (Vadehavet)
The Wadden Sea (Vadehavet) with its fauna - flora and thousands of breeding birds - and hundreds of thousands of waders (shorebirds) - ducks and geese that use the large areas as a migration stopover or wintering site. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a National Park in Denmark.
Tour appetizer and Inspiration
This presentation of Top-Attractions - Historical Castles and World Heritage sites - beyond the city of Copenhagen - is just an appetizer and a source of inspiration for touring with us to explore genuine Danish Cultural Heritage - as well as other interesting places from the past in and around Denmark.
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