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Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen 
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A Green Oasis and Amusement Park in the middle of Copenhagen
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The Tivoli Boys Guard founded in 1843 - is part of the daily entertainment in Tivoli.
Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen
Tivoli is
the greatest attraction in Scandinavia - and one of the world's best known amusement parks. The Tivoli Gardens was founded in 1843 by Georg Carstensen. (1812-1857) The oldest buildings in the garden are the head-entry portal and Pantomime Theatre from 1874. From the start the amusement park was called “Tivoli & Vauxhall”.
The Tivoli entrance on opening day in 1843. The amusement park was a grand success from the first day and was named “Tivoli & Vauxhall”. The head entrance was change in 1874.
The first rollercoaster in 1843 at the opening of Tivoli was a great attraction and amusement. The wooden coaster was replaced with a new one in 1914 - which is still in function.
King Christian VIII and George Carstensen
It was King Christian VIII (1786-1848 - King 1839-1848) - who gave Georg Carstensen a five-year licence to establish Tivoli outside the Vesterport district on 14-16 acres of land. Tivoli was from the very start in 1843 - a great success with a variety of attractions – restaurants – concerts - flower gardens - and many amusements rides. In the evening the park was illuminated - and at closing hours fireworks lit up the gardens and parts of the city as a contribution to the many visitors at that time.
The founder of Tivoli George Carstensen was given a charter by King Christian VIII for five years to establish a amusement park outside of the city.
Tivoli in 1892 with the new head entrance formed like a portal from 1874. Remark the horse driven tramcar to the left.
Flowers and glittering lights
Tivoli Garden is filled with many sort of blooming flowers like tulips - roses - chrysanthemums etc. decorating the entire garden in a natural and fascinating setup. The garden is lit up with more than 120,000 lights - all around the park area - which gives the flower beds and lake a magical glow in the evening. The fountain in front of the concert hall is from 1956 - and surrounded by various flower arrangements. The concert hall was rebuilt and modernised in 2006 - with over 2000 seats - and up-to-date stage - acoustics and improved facilities for the audience.
The present Tivoli entrance from 1874 illuminated with some of the 120,000 bulbs that light up the garden area every evening.
The Tivoli Lake which is the remains of the old city moat, is used for boat rides. Tivoli is located just beside the Town Hall.
Summer and Winter Season
Tivoli opens every spring in April to mark the Danish summer season - and closes its gates in September. At Christmas Tivoli is opened for a month up to Christmas Eve - with a lot of entertainment and gift shops full with goodies - as well as the home and workshop of Santa Claus with all of his reindeers. The opening of the season is also grouped with many amusements for children and adults together with a wide variety of restaurants - shops and outdoor bars - cafes and fast-food - as well as numerous open air concerts with many international performers and artist.

Nearly 5 million Tivoli-goers

The 15 August 1943 - Tivoli celebrated its 100 years jubilee - and was visited by over 115,000 people in one day. In 2016 - nearly 5.0 million Tivoli-goers visited Tivoli during the summer and Christmas season.
The Pantomime theatre from 1874, is the oldest existing building in the Tivoli Gardens, and is an open air theatre that performs every evening with ballet and live music.
There are open air concerts and entertainment by international artist and performers accompanied by Tivoli's own big band every day at the large stage ground in Tivoli.
Pantomime Theatre
The ancient Pantomime theatre from 1874 - is one of the oldest establishments in Tivoli with performances every day. Pantomime means a play when performers express themselves by mute gesture and are accompaniment by music. Tivoli's Pantomime Theatre is also called "The Peacock Theatre" - and created in Chinese style with bright colours in accordance with the symbolism of Chinese philosophy.
More than 30 amusements are established in Tivoli from children's carousels to breathtaking rides.
The golden carriage with the prince and princess taking their daily tour through Tivoli.
The Worlds Highest Carousel
Tivoli offers more than 30 entertainments many with breathtaking experience - and some adventures with spectacular sights over Copenhagen. Tivoli got their first Dodgem Cars in 1926 - as the first in Scandinavia and the first wooden roller coaster was establishes in 1914 - which is still in function and the oldest railed coaster in the world. In 2006 - Tivoli inaugurated the world’s highest carousel - the 80 metres high Star Flyer - which gives the visitors a tremendous ride and an fantastic view of Copenhagen.
The world's highest carousel in Tivoli gives the visitors a terrific ride 80 metres over the ground - offering a fantastic view over the city.
The Chinese Tower from 1900 introduced Chinese food culture that became very popular at that time. The restaurant is located beside the Tivoli Lake.
Frigate St. George and The Chinese Tower
The frigate and restaurant St. George is anchored by the Tivoli lakeside - where ducks and fishes are permanent residents in the old Tivoli Lake that once were the City Moat of Copenhagen. The Chinese Tower with its restaurant was built in 1900 - and located beautifully beside the Tivoli Lake. In the beginning of the century - China was best known as a country in the very Far East - with plentiful of mystery and dragons exhaling fire and nightingales singing cheerfully. The Chinese food culture became very popular and tasteful among the Danes.
The frigate and restaurant St. George III is nicely anchored by the Tivoli lakeside.
Every weekend when the Tivoli Gardens close, a glorious nightly fireworks displays on the sky.
Tivoli is one of the most central places in the city and is situated right beside the Town Hall square and Central Station.

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Tivoli Gardens - Copenhagen
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