Graveyards in Copenhagen and Famous Resting Places

*A Part of the Danish Cultural Heritage*
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Danish Cemeteries and Copenhagen Graveyards
Famous Danes and their Final Resting Places
in and beyond Copenhagen.
Danish Church and Graveyard - Frydendal from 1457
Typical Danish Church with its special and beautiful Danish style graveyard. The picture shows Frydendal Church from 1457 - with crow-stepped gables and situated at the town of Jyderup on the western side of Sealand. The historical frescos are from 1629 and the alter painting is created in 1722. Photo: Michael Erichsen.

Danish Cemeteries and Famous Resting Places
All Christian Churches and Cemeteries in Denmark are public - and owned by the Danish State!
Danish Cemeteries and Bird Sanctuaries
Danish cemeteries are also popular places among tourists - who can walk around or take a peaceful historic stroll - while experiencing the many old graves and monuments. The Danish graveyards are unique in their landscape structure and picturesque layout with carefully selected planting of various trees - shrubs and green pastures - as well as the establishment of lakes with connecting avenues and footpaths that is in great harmony with the rest of the naturalistic style of the graveyard landscape - which also has turned the exquisite burial grounds to attractive bird sanctuaries with a fascinating wildlife.

Each burial plot at Danish cemeteries is quite unique
with its own style - identity and history
Vestre Kirkegård (Vestre Cemetery)
Vestre Kirkegård (Vestre Cemetery) is located just a few bus stops from the city centre - and is the largest cemetery in Denmark - where many Danish prime minister's and other prominent people have their final resting place.
Danish graveyards - with small private parcels
The small burial plots at Danish graveyards are quite special with little marked private parcels - and a variety of headstones with flower beds inside that all are surrounded by miniature formed boxwood hedges in a well cultivated garden display.
Danish Graveyards are tranquil oasis
Visitors and relatives are offered a special horticultural garden design - with small marked burial plots and different flower beds inside and around the variety of headstones - where every parcel is surrounded by miniature formed boxwood hedges. The graveyard areas are divided into many inspiring garden sections - which create a tranquil oasis and blends Danish nature together with a splendid and scenic garden display - where each burial plot has its own style - identity and history.
Urn graveyard
A typical Urn graveyard with little burial plots - in a splendid and restful garden layout. 70% of all Christian Danes are cremated after their funeral - and buried in special sections at the cemetery.
Danish graveyards - are tranquil oasis
The Danish graveyards are unique in their landscape structure - and a very picturesque layout that has turned the burial grounds into bird sanctuaries with a fascinating wildlife.

Danish cemeteries
are a very important
part of the Danish Cultural Heritage - and the Danes protestant background and Christian upbringing
Matchless Danish Cemeteries
No other Scandinavian nation or other countries in the world have graveyards with little private gardens plots like the ones at Danish cemeteries. The many cemeteries and graveyards around the city are interesting national landmarks and beautiful historical memorials that has been a public gathering place for generations - and are worth a visit - plus a very important part of the Danish Cultural Heritage - and national treasure - that symbolizes the Danes Christian upbringing - protestant background and years of ancient history.
Burial Plots for Famous Danes and Copenhageners

Famous Danes and their final resting place
H. C. Andersen
World famous fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen.
Søren Kierkegaard
Religious thinker and philosopher Søren A. Kierkegaard.
Karen Blixen
Danish Baroness and legendary author Karen Blixen.
N. F. S. Grundtvig
N. F. S. Grundtvig - Danish Priest and national philosopher.
Niels Bohr
Professor Niels Bohr - Nobel Prize winner in Physics.
Bertel Thorvaldsen
Master sculptor of international fame - Bertel Thorvaldsen.
Danish Naval Heroes
Admiral Niels Juel and Vice-Admiral Peter Tordenskiold.
All Burial Plot are open for visitors!
Final resting places for Danish Kings - Queens
and prominent persons in Danish History
Roskilde Cathedral - 1170
Roskilde Cathedral from 1170 has been the Burial place for Danish Kings and Queens since the 14th century and after the Christian reformation in 1536. 40 Kings and Queens rest in the Cathedral - both the Oldenborg and Glücksborg line of Monarchs. The Royal Burial Plot is open for visitors.
Sorø Abbey Church - 1160
Sorø Abbey Church from 1160 is the longest church in Denmark and the final resting place for several Danish Royalties and Archbishop Absalon - who is the founder of Copenhagen and was the Archbishop of Roskilde and Lund - Sweden. The Burial Plot is open for visitors.

Roskilde Cathedral from 1170 -
has been the Burial place for Danish Kings and Queens - since the protestant reformation in 1536
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