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Travelling safely in Copenhagen...
... and also in Denmark!
Safety Precautions in Copenhagen & Denmark

Safety Precautions in Copenhagen...
...especially in crowded areas!

Cynical Pickpockets - Trick Thieves and Con Men!

Like in any other Capital City or Metropolitan areas - Copenhagen has it’s problems with professional pickpockets and cynical trick thieves that mainly target Visitors and Tourists - and are spread all over the city with their criminal activities. Even though Copenhagen records a very low crime rate - and is a quite safe place to be and live - pocket thieves operate in crowded tourist areas - where the risk of being a victim for these sneaky criminals is higher on the Pedestrian Street “Strøget” - and the area around the Central Station and in S-Trains - as well as Cinemas - Cafés - Restaurants - Tivoli and Public Transportation etc.. So be careful with your personal belongings and always use your common sense. If any attempt - you should immediately contact the police.

Warning! - Warning! - Warning!
Many trick thieves and con men cross the Danish boarders - and enter the city especially in the summer months of May - June - July - August and September - and especially at Christmas Time - with the intention of operating with their criminal and nasty inventiveness - especially and particularly at over-packed areas that are flourishing with tourists and cruise passengers. Take especially good care of your bag - wallet - cell-phone - iPhone - camera - jewellery - wrist watch - and anything else of value - and never carry more than DKK 100-200 with you - as there are ATMs everywhere. So be careful with your personal belongings - and always use your common sense.

Beggars in the City - and your Practical Sense!
Many beggars from abroad have found a safe haven in Copenhagen - and especially in crowded areas - where they make a fortune every day - all year round - on the behalf of naive foreigners and tourists - which is an annoying element for the police - shop owners and Copenhageners. We advise you not to encourage these wealthy beggars with quite a fortune in their baggage and back in their homeland - by giving them any money - as we want them chased out of the city - as fast as possible. So be careful with your personal belongings beside these immoral crooks - and always use your practical and common sense according to the situation. Contact the police immediately if you are harassed by any suspect or other criminal elements.

ATM Machines - and Credit Card Fraud!

Protect your PIN code - when you use the ATM machines in Copenhagen - and avoid fraud from strangers behind you. Always look over your shoulder before beginning the transaction. Be suspicious of strange devices on ATM machines - if any doubt - report it immediately. Keep in mind - that there are criminal elements in every city around the world - so always protect your PIN code at ATM machines and other places - when using your credit card - and remember your credit card and money after every transaction!

Backpacks in front
It is recommended - even though it may be a bit inconvenient - that all persons wearing and carrying any type of backpacks - with their private documents - personal belongings - money - credit cards - electronic gadgets and devices etc. should move their backpacks in front - if there are any kind of valuables in these bags.

Hotel & restaurant buffets
Especially at hotel and restaurant buffets - it is recommended that you always take your bag or purse with you - when you leave your table and are up for a treat at the buffet station. Always take your handbag with you - when you depart your seat.

Open boarders in Denmark - and hordes of illegal felons
Its very easy to enter Denmark - as all the Danish boarders are frequently open - with limited control - and many criminals from abroad with very dirty nails - nasty mind-sets and hordes of illegal felons with corrupted characters use the often free entrance to Denmark as a Eldorado to conduct their many illegal and lawbreaking operations plus conducting plundering expeditions all over the Danish nation. That is one of many disadvantages living in a free - open and democratic society.

The Danes & mutual trust to one another
The Core Danish Values and reliance culture - are mutual trust and confidence with one another - and has been the basic values for generations - as well as the backbone of a shared dependence culture - which is fundamental ideals - when living in a Welfare State.

See: Happy Danes

Pirate Taxies
There are many "Pirate Taxies" in Copenhagen - and we highly recommend you not to take one of these - due to lack of proper insurance and other type of legal protection. Contact the police immediately if you are harassed or robbed by these criminal drivers!

Police - Fire - Ambulance - Tel: 112

COVID-19 Situation & Corona updates in Denmark: CPH-UM

Danish Police:

Info Copenhagen: Visitors Lounge

Pickpockets and Thieves
Mind pickpockets in crowded tourist areas - as many con men and thieves will enter Copenhagen for the tourist season.
Contact the Police
If you are harassed by anyone contact the Danish police immediately!
ATM-machines in Copenhagen
Always protect your PIN code - when you use the ATM machines in Copenhagen - and avoid fraud from strangers behind you. And always look over your shoulder before beginning the transaction service. Remember your card and money after the transaction!
Hotel & Restaurant Buffets
Always take your handbag along with you - when you depart your seat - and are up for a treat at the buffet station.
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