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Tourism information and Public Libraries
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Public Libraries & Tourist Information
Copenhagen Tourism Venues!
The Danes averagely lend about 28-30,000 million books yearly trough the Danish libraries.
Libraries are opened even on Saturdays and Sundays!
The new Royal library called "The Black Diamond" facing the waterfront and inaugurated in 1999. On the left of the skyline is the Town Hall tower and on the right - Christiansborg Palace and Danish Parliament. The old library from 1648 - and still in function - is placed at the back of "The Black Diamond".
Copenhagen Tourism information & Copenhagen Public Libraries
Copenhagen Public Libraries
are important Tourism Venues - great information centres and visitors service hotspots for tourists and visitors. Use the facilities like Internet - fax-service - copying facilities etc. - and obtain much more information about Copenhagen. The Danish word for library is "Bibliotek". The public Libraries often have Café and Bistro facilities. The Danes averagely lend about 28-30,000 million books yearly trough the Danish libraries.

See: Visitors Lounge
Copenhagen Libraries are also small Civic Centres
Many Libraries around town act like small Civic Centres - and can assist with everyday matters and solutions - when you are visiting Copenhagen.
Visit your local library - A Cultural experience
As a tourist visiting Copenhagen or Denmark - we recommend you to use your local library if you are seeking information about the city or just want to use facilities like Internet - fax-service - copying facilities etc. It's a cultural experience - and you will often find a library nearby where you are lodging - or use this link with a map over libraries placed around Copenhagen.See: Find library
The first Danish public library
The Royal Danish Library was the first public library that was established in 1648 by King Frederik III. See: Royal Library
Internet and IT facilities
Use the libraries free Internet facilities. Sign up and get connected with friends all over the world.
Fresh newspaper - magazines - books
Read your free fresh newspaper - magazines - books etc - in your own language at the local library.
Open Saturdays and Sundays too!
The libraries around the city and vicinities - are also open on Saturdays and Sundays - offering a large number of free services - and in some seldom occasions just charge a symbolic fee for assistance.

Speak to a native librarian

Mostly all librarians speak more languages beside their native tongue and are very helpful - without bias - no matter what kind of assistance you ask for.
  The Billboard
You will always find the pulse of the cities atmosphere beating by just looking at the billboard - where you will achieve interesting information about local arrangements - activities - events and so one. It’s easy to blend in with the local Copenhagener.
Newspaper and literature - in foreign languages
A lot of free fresh daily newspapers from different countries are available - as well as magazines and other popular reading stuff - and there is always a shelf with foreign books and literature you can lend during your stay. A collection of up-to-date travel books and guides are offered with information about Copenhagen - Denmark and Scandinavia - together with free maps of the city.
Information about Copenhagen
You can obtain a lot of help and information about Copenhagen - as many librarians speak more languages beside their native tongue.
Tourist information and guides
There is always a shelf with foreign books and literature as well as tourist information and books about Denmark and Copenhagen.
The Central Library
The Central Library is located just a few blocks away from the Round Tower and right in the old Latin Quarter of Copenhagen.
The Black Diamond
Visit The Royal Library called "The Black Diamond"
On September 15th 1999 - the Royal Library's extension at Copenhagen’s water front - The Black Diamond - was inaugurated. The construction of the Diamond had been going on since 1996 and fulfilled an age long dream of an extension of the old Royal Library.

Architectural Pearl
Pay this architectural pearl at the waterfront a visit and experience the atmosphere and Danish culture among books - exhibitions activities - shops - restaurant - café etc. - surrounded by Scandinavian building design at its very best.
Inside entrance up to the main library area at "The Black Diamond" - where over 730,000 books are on the libraries shelves.
The main entrance to the old part of the Royal Library from 1898 and located just opposite the Danish Parliament.
Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1
The Royal Library P.O. Box 2149
DK-1016 Copenhagen K
Bus stop at Søren Kierkegaards Plads.
Harbour Bus from Nordre Toldbod - Holmen and Nyhavn.
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