Red Sausages - (Røde Pølser) - Danish Fast Food - During 100 Years

Red Sausages on a Row - A Part of the Danish Cultural Heritage - "Røde Pølser i lange baner".
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The Red Sausage - "Den Røde Pølse"
Danish Fast Food Culture celebrates its 100 year anniversary in 2021
The Sausages Stands are some of the most popular tourist venues in Copenhagen
The Danes eat more than 50 million red sausages every year.
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Take a bigg bite of Danish Fast Food Culture - Hot Dogs - Røde Pølser & Red Sausages
The Danes just love their juicy Red Sausages - which has been the favourite sausage through generations plus a very traditional eating and national treat - when celebrating anything or everything in Denmark. Red Sausages - Røde Pølser.
The "Pølsevogn" - 1921
The primitive "Pølsevogn" mobile (Sausage Stand) in 1921 - that served one warm "pølse" for 25 øre - and bun for 5 øre.
Danish fast Food Culture
Visiting the "Pølsevogn" during 1950s - was a part of the ongoing Fast food Culture in Denmark.
Mobile Fast Food Stand
The popular and mobile Fast Food stand "pølsevogn" became more and more trendy among the Copenhageners during the happy and roaring 1950s and 1960s - which also became a tourist attraction - and a well visited eating spot for visitors.
Millions of Red Sausages
Production line at Stryhns Sausages - where millions of juicy red sausages "røde pølser" are produced yearly in Denmark.
Pølsevogn "Cafe Cold Feet"
The "Pølsevogn" is also called "Cafe Fodkoldt" (Cafe Cold Feet) - and has been a welcoming fast food oasis for all Copenhageners especially in the late hours after spending an exciting and bouncy night in the city.
Airport "Pølsevogn"
The Danes just hunger for their "Red Sausage" - when they arrive at the airport - and can’t wait to enjoy a delicious porky “Rød Pølse” - while waiting for their luggage at the arrival hall.
Red Sausage Dishes
Warm Red Sausages with cold Potato Salad - is one of the many popular varieties of traditional Red Sausage dishes. Danish "Pølseret".
Delicious Wiener Salad
The Delicious "Pølsesalat" - Wiener Salad - mixed with "Red Sausages" - on an open faced sandwich - "Smørrebrød".
Take a bite of Danish Fast Food Culture...
…there is nothing like a bite of a crispy - juicy & porky Red Danish Sausage.

Take a bite of Danish Food Culture...
Do not miss the opportunity to visit an outdoor mobile “Pølsevogn” Sausage Stand - and taste the genuine porky “Red Danish Sausage” (Rød Pølse) - while you visit Copenhagen - and just take a bite of the authentic Danish Fast Food Culture.

100 years with warm red porky sausage (Wieners)
Since the first warm red porky sausage (wieners) was served over the very primitive "Pølsevogn" (Mobile Sausage Stand) in 1921 - these outdoor Danish fast food venues has been the everyday "must" to visit by busy Copenhageners - as these open air street eateries are a very popular gathering site during daily hours and right up to night time for hungry customers - who just prefer some quick grab-and-go food to satisfy their appetite - all year round and throughout all weather conditions. Danish Fast Food Culture celebrates its 100 year anniversary in 2021. The Danes eat more than 50 million Red Sausages every year.

Meet the Copenhageners
Meet the Copenhageners at these “Pølsevogne” - located on their local home base - and have a familiar chat with them about their daily life and city - plus their passion for visiting "Cafe Cold Feet" - while taking a bite of a “crispy skinned” red sausage “rød pølse” - which has been the Danes favourite sausage through generations - and been the traditional treat since childhood at kinder gardens - schools - birthday parties - confirmations - sport clubs - campsites - music festivals - family gatherings - weddings - grill parties - and other festive occasions that highlights the end of a eventful day or evening - when serving and eating the famous Danish “red wieners” with bread and appropriate dippings.

The popular Danish "Rød Pølse" Red Sausage with warm bread.
Hot Dog with Red Sausages served with delicious "Remoulade".
A variaty of Red sausages is served at sausage stands.
The Danish way of Celebrating with "Red Sausages"
The Danish way of celebrating a final event or other types of festive partying is by enjoying one of the trendiest national fast food dishes in Denmark - the "red sausage and warm bun" - evolved from the everywhere present mobile sausage charts from 1921 - which is since considered by generations of Danes and obsessive sausage lovers as a very native and traditional Danish finger and street food delicacy with the delicious and tasty “red sausage” flavour. Cold chocolate milk (Congo beer) and foamy cold draft beer (kold bajer) is the preferred drinks to enjoy with a combo sausage set - which is a part of a complete Danish sausage menu at the Danish “Pølsevogn” - and at other cheerful and happy gatherings.
Danish Birthdays and Red Sausages
Danish Birthdays and Red Sausages
At nearly all Danish Birthday Parties and Birthday Celebrations especially for kids - it’s a great tradition and almost a “must” to serve the Red Sausages - which is a vital part of the birthday menu together with the lukewarm bun - so the birthday participants can select their own way of creating their favourite “Rød pølse” Red Sausage - hotdog or similar way of “styling” - “garnishing” and combining their Red Sausage Plate. Millions of porky Red Sausages are eaten with delicious supplements every year
at Danish Birthday Parties and at other Festive Occasions.

Birthdays and Red Sausages
Tasty Red Sausages “Røde Pølser” is a great tradition and almost a “must” to serve at Danish Birthday Parties - and millions are eaten with delicious supplements every year.

Red Sausage & "Remoulade"
Red Sausage and Remoulade - a tasty combination.
“Remoulade” at Sausage Stands
Tourist visiting the “Pølsevogn” -
also called "Cafe Fodkoldt" (Cafe Cold Feet) very often select the yellow topping and dressing called “Remoulade” - which is a well-liked and trendy supplement to their sausage selection of any type. As a Client once said at a Danish Sausage Stand - when tasting "Remoulade" with the Red Sausage: "Oh Boy - what a fantastic tasting experience and delicious combination".

Remoulade Recipe

Fast Food tradition since 1921
The out door "Sausage Stand" - serving so called "street food" or "finger food" is a fundamental part of the Danish Cultural Heritage and has been a cultural institution - and nationwide fast food tradition since 1921 - as the first outdoor mobile "Pølsevogn" (Sausage Stand) was established and a reality in 1921 in Copenhagen - with the permission by Copenhagen's council in 1920 - to serve the first warm red sausage "Rød Pølse" in Copenhagen - together with a lukewarm bun.

"Pølsevogn" - At the Airport's Arrival Hall
As a must - a very important sausage stand is placed very near the baggage reclaim area at the airport’s arrival hall - so the Danes quite quickly - and after many days abroad - can smell the familiar aroma from the sausage stand - and then satisfy their craving and appetite by enjoying their indispensable and delicious juicy and porky “Rød Pølse” (Red Sausage) - while waiting for their luggage.

DINING & DRINKING - Quote from the editor!
"I’ve travel all over the world and had many Culinary Experiences - but sometimes I must thank heaven for Hamburgers - Hotdogs or Fish and Chips" - and especially for the juicy "Red Danish Sausages".

* Top image: Production of Red Sausages called "Langelænder" at Stryhns Sausages.

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