Grundtvigs Church - Greater Copenhagen

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Grundtvigs Church - Greater Copenhagen
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Grundtvigs Church
Bispebjerg - Copenhagen
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The Grundtvigs Church from 1940 is a national monument over the theologian N. F. S. Grundtvig.
Grundtvigs Church
A National Monument for Nikolai Frederik Severin (N. F. S.) Grundtvig
Grundtvigs Church Vintage Poster.
Grundtvigs Church - A National Monument
Grundtvigs Church was built in the period from 1921 to 1940 - and as a remembrance and monument to honour the reformer - theologian and hymn-writer Nikolai Frederik Severin (N. F. S.) Grundtvig (1783–1872) - one of the most important and influential persons in newer Danish history. Beside of being the reformer of the stiff Evangelical Lutheran church - he was also the founder of the world's first Folks High School - "Folkehøjskole" - established in 1844 - and located in south Jutland - and is truly based on his challenging ideas of a school for the uneducated adults.

Final Resting Place
The dimensions of the Grundtvigs Church:
Tower: 49 metres
Total length: 76 metres
Total breadth: 35 metres

The organ is from 1940 and built by Marcussen & Søn.

Reformer N.F.S. Grundtvig in 1862 - is one of the most influential persons in newer Danish history.
The tower of the church in 1925 was the first building that was erected on Bispebjerg Hill.
20 years to complete the church
The Church was placed high on top of Bispebjerg hill in the north-western outskirts of Copenhagen - and the architecture was influenced by the national-romantic movement. The foundation stone was laid on Grundtvigs birthday - September 8th - 1921 - and inaugurated on September 8th - 1940. The yellow brick church is of cathedral proportions with its impressive building construction - and architectural style that is a divided between a cathedral and ancient Danish country churches with crow-stepped gables - which is a special historical and cultural combination.
The rear end of Grundtvigs Church shows cathedral proportions and the building complex is the largest protestant church in Scandinavia.
Three generations of architects were involved in building and furnishing the church - which took almost 20 years to complete.
Three generations of architects
Three generations of architects - from the same family have been involved in building and furnishing Grundtvigs Church. The main architect P. V. Jensen Klint - who died in 1930 - was succeeded by his son Kaare Klint - and later his grandson Esben Klint. It took nearly 20 years to finalize this huge building project - which is the largest protestant - and public Evangelical Lutheran church in Scandinavia - that can be seen from nearly all over town.
Worth a visit
Grundtvigs Church is worth a visit especially for the many Grundtvigians from all over the world. By bus the tour to the church will take almost 20 minutes from Copenhagen City centre.
Grundtvigs Church is located in the north-west area of the outskirts of Copenhagen and 6 km from the city centre.

Grundtvigs Church

Grundtvigs Kirke
På Bjerget 14B
2400 København NV


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Grundtvigs Church
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