Copenhagen - A Dog friendly City

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For All Genuine Dog Lovers
Copenhagen - A Dog friendly City
Copenhagen - A very Dog friendly City... much is that doggie in the window - the one with the waggley tail!

The are over 130,000 dogs in Copenhagen
The Danes just love their dogs - and there are about 580,000 dogs registered in Denmark - and around 130,000 in Copenhagen. The most popular dog in Denmark is the Labrador Retriever - then the German Shepherd Dog and third the Golden Retriever. Approximately ½ million households in Denmark own a dog - and more than 100,000 households have both dogs and cats. The Danes just love their dogs - which has been a household pet for generations. In Denmark the dog has throughout history been used for hunting - tracking - rescuing - guarding etc. - as well as a service dog for the blind and disabled - a police and narco dog - or just a friend and passionate companion.

Travelling to Denmark with pets
As from 27 May - 2010 - it will only be possible to travel with max. 5 animals of the species dogs - cats or ferrets - also when travelling within the EU. If you travel with more than five animals of these species the animal health requirements for commercial movement applies.

ID - Pet Passport and rabies vaccination
The animal must first have an ID. Either a microchip or a tattoo. Then it must have an EU Pet passport. The passport be issued by a veterinarian and is valid only if it is certified that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies.

EU Member States

There are harmonized rules regarding non-commercial transport of dogs - cats and ferrets within EU. Dogs - cats and ferrets from other EU Member States including Andorra - the Faeroes Island - Iceland - Liechtenstein - Monaco -Norway - San Marino and the Vatican City State may enter Denmark through any border crossing as long as the following requirements are fulfilled.

Third countries other than EU Member States.
Dogs - cats and ferrets from these countries may enter Denmark - if they comply with the same requirements as for travelling within the EU ie. ID (microchip or tattoo - valid rabies vaccination and veterinary certificate.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration
Contact the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration for further information - when you wish to travel with your pets to Denmark.

Transporting Dogs
All dogs are allowed to be transported on trains - busses and taxies - but must always be on a leash. Contact the required transport service for further information.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration:

It's All About Dogs!
It's All About Dogs!
Dogshit in my garden.

"There is a dogshit in my garden"
Listen to this very humoristic and amusing song written in Danish/English by the very popular Danish Band and Group - Shu-bi-dua - who was number 1. on the Danish Music Charts for a long time with this hit. It’s about an average Dane - who is a tremendous dog lover - but has problems with his dog pooping here - there and everywhere - and is quite frustrated over this natural delivery from his cute and innocent doggy.

"There is a dogshit in my garden - and when I cut my grass the dogshit is no longer in my garden. It is a-sittin on my footsole and smell like a doggies ass and that is not the smell of Elizabeth Arden".

"You can have women and cookies and a strawberryt - but there is nuthin' as bad as a doggie's shit".

The most popular Dog in Denmark
Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in Denmark and Copenhagen. The Retriever is very loving - kind and compassionate to their master - and Danes just love their dogs.
Dog training in Denmark
Almost every dog in Denmark is a subject to elementary dog training - and dogs also receive special causes to perform behaviours in response to certain commands in their daily life.
Black Labrador Retrievers
The Black Labrador Retrievers are favoured hunting and family dogs. With a remarkably calm disposition and incredible intelligence - this beautiful breed is loved as a good companion and therapy dog - and they especially like children.
Copenhagen Dog Culture

Copenhageners have quite a good Dog Culture in their city - and every Dog owner helps to keep the streets and payments clean in respect for their fellow citizens.

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