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Beaches and Bathing Facilities Around and Beyond Copenhagen

Beaches & Bathing - Copenhagen
Copenhagen beaches are classified as some of the cleanest in Europe and proudly fly the "Blue Flag".
COPENHAGEN BEACHES - Are great warm city venues
Beach areas around Copenhagen
The beach and bathing season is still a great outdoor activity in Copenhagen - and when you stay in Copenhagen you are never far from a beach area. Around Copenhagen there are many beaches - where tourists can spend a day at the beach that are classified as some of the cleanest in Europe and proudly fly the "Blue Flag".

Safety and Beach numbers
On all larger public beaches there will be Lifeguards from June to August from 11 a.m. to 19 p.m. - where red and white streaked lifeguard towers are situated. And all Danish beaches have a number system - with an individual number for each beach venue - if any type of emergency should occur. The Beach Number sign will be placed on the beach - and is green with a three digit number to identify the location - where the emergency service is required. Call the police on 112 - when recue service is needed - and inform the operator of the local beach number.

Beach Activities
The beaches are especially suitable for children with miles of white sand and grassy dunes offering plenty of beach activities.

52 km from the coast line
From any point and place in Denmark - there will be less than 52 km to the coastline - beaches and sea

See: Harbour
Bathing - Copenhagen

Beautiful Beaches
There are several beautiful beaches around the coastline of Copenhagen - with red and white streaked lifeguard towers on larger public beaches.
Emergency Beach Numbers
All Danish Beaches have a Beach Number for quick location - if emergency and rescue service is required.
Remember the 5 bathing guidelines:
- 1. Learn to swim
- 2. Never bathe alone
- 3. Learn to read the wind & water conditions
- 4. Familiarise yourself with the beach
- 5. Don't lose sight of children
Charlottenlund Strandpark
Charlottenlund beach offers many activities.

Charlottenlund Strandpark

8-10 km north of Copenhagen with play areas and eating places. At the beach site - the old Charlottenlund Fort from 1883 is used as a playground - where the huge canons from the First World War are a subject for climbing activities. The fort was shut down in 1932.

Bus 14 runs to the Charlottenlund beach area and the S-train will stop at Charlottenlund Station.

Bellevue Strandpark

Only 10 km north of Copenhagen with lot of activities. A small beach that can become crowded on a very hot and sunny day.

Take the S-train to Klampenborg Station or take bus 14 to Charlottenlund.

The Beach area is located some few blocks from the amusement establishment Bakken.
Bellevue Strandpark
Belleveu Beach is always crowded on a hot day.
Amager Beach Park
Amager Beach Park - is just 5 km from the city centre

Amager Strandpark
(Amager Beach Park)
Just 5 km from the centre of Copenhagen - we find Amager Beach. A 4,6 km long bathing beach divided into two parts. Amager Beach is situated along Amager Strandvej in Copenhagen. The Beach area is a perfect place to relax with a book - sunbathe - swim or paddle and play with the children.

Take bus number 12 from Copenhagen Airport or from the Bus Terminal at the City Hall.

The Metro runs to Amager Strandpark from - Nørreport Station or Kongens Nytorv within 8-10 minutes.
Strandparken - 8 km of white sandy Beaches
Strandparken (The Køge Bugt Beach Park)
Almost 16 km south of Copenhagen with 8 km. of white sandy beaches and pure bathing water and a scenic park - just 15-20 minutes from the city center of Copenhagen.

Take the S-train to the Beach Stations alongside the Strandpaken beach areas - and then the buses that runs directly to the beaches.

The Beach Park is 20 minutes from Copenhagen with 8 km. of white sandy beaches and pure clean bathing water - and life guards in the summer season are present on the child-friendly beaches.
The Beach Park - Strandpark offers miles of sandy braches and clean bathing water.
Child-friendly beaches
The Beach Park is 20 minutes from Copenhagen with 8 km. of white sandy beaches and pure clean bathing water - and life guards in the summer season are present on the child-friendly beaches.
Green breathing spaces
The Beach Park is a natural green breathing space for all types of outdoor activities. The official inauguration of the Strandpark and Marinas took place in June 1980 - with a lot af festivities.
Picnic and Recreation areas
Many picnic and recreation areas as well as leisure facilities are placed alongside the Beach Parks coastline - where many visitors can enjoy relaxation in full - with the Blue Flag swaying in the wind.
Svanemølle Strandpark (Svanemølle Beach Park)

New beach area inaugurated in Copenhagen
June - 2010.

A new beach area with superb bathing facilities called “Svanemølle Strand” has been established and in use on the coast line of the Østerbro district.

The new large beach is near to the city centre and offers plentiful of facilities for children and families.

Take S-train to Svanemølle Station. Then bus 1A to the Svanemølle beach area.
Svanemølle Strandpark
A new beach area with superb bathing facilities called “Svanemølle Strandpark” has been established and in use on the coast line of the Østerbro district.
Harbour Bathing
Open air bathing facilities in Copenhagen's Harbour

Harbour Bathing
Take a swim in Copenhagen's harbour and fresh quality water
Take a swim in pure clean water at Copenhagen's waterfront with free admission and supervised by lifeguards. You can enjoy the sun on the pool deck or surrounding park area.

See also: Harbour Bathing
Havnebad - Harbour Bathing
The open air pool in the harbour is located just a few min. from Copenhagen's Town Hall Square - and called Havnebad.
Jump into the Harbour of Copenhagen
Copenhagen mermaids enjoining a cool swim in the harbour clean fresh waters near the waterfront.
Winter Bathing for Tourists
Winter Bathing in Copenhagen...
...I only have Ice for you!
Winter Bathing for Tourists
Winter bathing for enthusiastic tourist is possible many places in and around Copenhagen. The temperatures in Copenhagen are under the freezing point at this time of the year - and the harbour waters plus the sea waters of the Oresound are many degrees below zero - and often covered with thick ice. There are many winter bathing facilities in Copenhagen - and winter bathing activities are mainly centred around the 4 open air harbour bath pools - right in the heart of the city - but also the newly rebuilt and modernised open air sea bath resort called “Helgoland”- plus another open air bathing facility alongside the shores of the Oresound are available for passionate winter bathers.

Thousands of Active Winter Bathers
Winter bathing in ice cold water is extremely pleasant for the health and the blood circulation - and thousands of Copenhagener and Danes practise this cold activity every morning and evening throughout the winter season. Winter swimming is a popular activity among Danes - and a "must" for the thousands of active winter bathers - plus the nearly 120,000 members of winter swimming clubs.

See Harbour Bathing

Winter Bathing for Tourists
Thousands of Copenhagener and Danes practise this cold winter bathing activity every morning and evening throughout the winter season.

"Helgoland" Sea Bath Resort - Amager Strand
The "Helgoland" Sea Bath
The "Hegoland" Open Air Sea Bath is situated in the northern part of Amager Beach - opposite Øresundsvej and Øresund Metrostation. The sea bath is open every day during summer season. The rest of the year "Helgoland" Sea Bath facility is for members of the "Helgoland" winter bathers club. The new renovated "Helgoland" Sea Bath was rebuilt in 2008 - by Fritid & Idræt - and part of - Københavns Kommunes Kultur- og Fritidsforvaltning - the municipality of Copenhagen. "Helgoland" Sea Bath was inaugurated in 1911 - for the Sport Club “Hermes” - as a training area for their swimming section - as there were no indoor swimming facilities at that time. The “Helgoland” bathing resort has been renovated and modernised - and is again fully functional today - as a popular public bathing facility and recreation area.

Indoor Public Baths - Swimming Pools & Water Parks
Public Baths and Swimming Pools...
The January - February and March season is for indoor bathing and swimming - except for winter bathers - and Copenhagen offers numerous of opportunities for tourists to find and use a public bath with great indoor swimming pools and areas in the city for the whole family - with water activity centres - fitness and workout facilities - steam rooms - saunas etc. for a handful of Danish Kroners. Almost every public bath and swimming pool services offers fun pools - wave machines - great water slides - flumes - bubble pools - toddlers creek - spas - relaxing jacuzzi and aqua aerobics classes. The public baths and swimming pools is often locally placed right beside hotels and lodging quarters in town.

Copenhagen Beaches
Take a stroll at one of Copenhagen many sandy beaches - and inhale fresh clean air - while visiting the city.

Beaches and Bathing - Copenhagen


Public Baths & Swimming Pools

There are numerous of public baths with great indoor swimming pools with water activity centres in Copenhagen for the entire family visiting the city.
This Beaches & Bathing Site will be updated frequently!
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