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"The Danes are world champions in paying extremely high taxes - but also appointed as being the happiest people in the world! -The secret is - that they just accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative - when living in a cozy fairytale kingdom!"
George B. Moller
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Destination Service - Copenhagen & Denmark
Our Bus Capacity covers the largest fleet in Denmark of Luxury Tour Coaches and Vehicles of various sizes.
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Before pressing the SEND button - please read our Terms of Service

We will positively evaluate your special requirements and estimated budget to be certain that we can fulfil your request - according to our Inbound Travel Service Concept and Customised Services - and you will receive an answer within 48 hours.
Our basis business concept is an uncompromising ambition to offer our client’s customised services and planned programmes according to our customers’ requirements and financial resources - together with the anticipation - experience and memories of a good and enjoyable arrangement that our customers are purchasing and paying for.
We will confidently match your estimated budget with your requirements and send you a firm offer - as well as alternatively provide additional services and solutions to cover and conduct the customised activities and arrangements required in Denmark - and in relation to our Inboard Travel Service Programme.
All transfer - tour and transport activities are performed by private chauffeurs and experienced bus drivers - and our personal guide services on our customised excursions in Copenhagen and around Denmark are conducted by multilingual tourist guides.
Payment is 20 days in advance for reservation of the customised and selected services - events and arrangement etc. - and before the start of any planned and decided activity - arrangement - travel programme etc. 30 days in advance for specific arrangements and services.
Cancellation is 20 days in advance before the final start date of any planned - decided and purchased customised activity and service with us. 30 days in advance for specific arrangements and services.

Insurance can provide additional security for cancellation situations
(Expenses due to cancellation of any planned - decided and purchased activity and service with us - can be avoided with voluntary travel insurance. It is advisable to check at the booking stage - what kind of cancellation protection insurance is included in the purchasers travel insurance.)
Special Services & Arrangements
For the preparation work to manage special ongoing long term customised services - assignments - arrangements - events and MICE-activities plus other types of our services involved - we on occasion and according to the type of assignment involved - require a upfront “Planning & Service” charge or deposit in advance for our customised services before we begin preparing a final quote for a travel itinerary - large tour program - city and country roundtrip - event package - conference and corporate event - larger arrangements or MICE-project etc. - which is specifically designed and matched up with the customer’s estimated budget in mind - together with the contract covering terms - agreements and conditions related to the specific service offered. The upfront “Planning & Service” charge or deposit will be returned - if our quote is accepted - and we begin making the required plans a reality - and our services and arrangement is carried out in full and paid accordantly to the contract covering terms - agreements and conditions related to the specific service offered. Payment is 30-60 or 90 days in advance for reservation of the agreed and selected services - and before the start of any planned and decided activity - arrangement - service programme - plus other types of our services involved.
Payment by secured bank transfer & VAT
As a private company we just love doing business with valued and loyal customers - and therefore payment is by highly secured bank transfer to our bank account in Denmark at Danske Bank. Danske Bank is the largest bank in Denmark and among the major banks in Scandinavia. Like all other Danish Companies – Businesses - Travel Agents & Tour Operators situated in Denmark - we are unfortunately always compelled to charge our customers 25% VAT (Moms) to the Danish State for some VAT taxable sums. All bookings will be quoted and charged in Danish Kroner. (DKK)

Privacy Policy & Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Inbound Travel Service comply with the Danish Privacy Policy Laws and the Danish Data Protection Act - as well as “The EU General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) - which guaranties that personal information - is not handed over to third party - as we respect all legal concerns about privacy and data security - when any type of contact information is provided to us.

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