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Amalie Garden
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Amalie Garden - Amaliehaven
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Amalie Garden and Larsen's Plads
Amaliehaven has a beautiful central fountain that sprinkle's the entrance area with fresh water.

Amalie Garden and Larsen's Plads

Larsen’s Plads
The spot where Amaliehaven is placed has a rich history and was once a nerve centre of the town - with bustling activity and the beating heart of the old city. On this area there was a former shipyard established in 1802 by a wealthy ship-owner called Lars Larsen. The shipyard and its large lumberyard were situated right beside Amalienborg Palace - and called “Larsen’s Plads” since 1821 - after Lars Larsen.

Larsen’s Plads - 1850
The shipyard at Larsen’s Plads in 1850 was placed right beside the royal palace Amalienborg - at the back - and right on the area where the present Amalie Gardens is established.
Scandinavia to America from Larsen's Plads
The quay at Larsen's Plads in 1925 was the port for the direct route with steamships between many Scandinavian countries and America - and is now replaced by the Amalie Gardens.
First passenger line to America
In 1870 the shipyard was demolished and a new port with pier - as well as quay facilities were established in 1879 by the “Thingvalla Line” with the aim to maintain a direct route between Scandinavian ports and America - especially for Danish and Scandinavian Passengers. The intentions were also to offer the growing amounts of Scandinavian emigrants an un-expensive - comfortable and in all ways safe voyages. In 1898 the Thingvalla Line was acquired by DFDS - a Danish based shipping company - and the Scandinavian-American passenger service was operated under the name Scandinavian America Line.
"SS Thingvalla" - and Danish emigrants
Painting from 1890 by Edvard Petersen describing the many Danish emigrants at Larsen's Plads leaving for America together with their relatives saying goodbye. The steamship at the pier is "SS Thingvalla" equipped with one funnel and three masts. The westbound route started off at Copenhagen calling at Kristiania (Oslo) - and Kristiansand before crossing the Atlantic to New York.

The emigrants at Larsen’s Plads
At that time there were always thousands of emigrants on their way to America - and hectic activity on the pier of Larsen’s Plads - with horse driven carriages and plenty of luggage together with crowds of relatives saying goodbye to their love - and also lot of smoke from the steamship chimney filling the air.

The Olso Ferries
The route to America with Scandinavian America Line was abolished in 1935 - and the quay area was taken over by the DFDS' ferries to Norway’s capital – Oslo. The first ferry route to Oslo started in 1866 - and is still operating by DFDS Seaways from the harbour area at the Free Port Terminal.

Entrance to Larsen's Plads - 1898
The entrance to Larsen's Plads in 1898 and to the piers and storehouses at Copenhagen harbour area. The Amalie Gardens entrance is placed exactly at this spot.
Entrance to Amalie Gardens
The entrance to Amalie Gardens, which was the former entrance to Larsen' Plads. The fountain is in front of the new Opera House building at the waterfront of the harbour.

A gift to the Copenhageners
It was the A.P. Møller and Chastine McKinney Møller Foundation that presented the Copenhageners with a gift in the form of a new garden called Amalie Gardens at the waterfront at Larsen’s Plads.

Amalie Gardens and Amalienborg Palace
Amaliehaven - Amalie Gardens was established in 1983 - and named after its location near the royal residence Amalienborg Palace. It was the Belgian architect Jean Delogne - who achieved the task to create a project that delightfully integrates a modern park with the areas historic environment from the 17th and 18th century.

Amaile Garden - A green oasis by the waterfront
Amalie Gardens is one of the newest parks in the city - and another green oasis in the heart of Copenhagen - right beside the waterfront with lovely flowerbeds - and a wide variety of plants and flower arrangements in a beautiful setup.
Amaile Garden - A very popular attraction & venue
The Amalie Garden has become a very popular attraction among tourists and the locals. The architecture of the landscape interacts well with the sculptures - and the various fountains around the garden area.
A green oasis in the heart of the city
Amaliehaven is today a green oasis in the heart of the city - and a very popular venue amongst the locals and tourists. It is a modern park area - which effectively introduces a fresh green corner into the middle of the metropolis. "Amaliehaven" has a beautiful central fountain - as well as many benches and sculptures with scattered flowerbeds and well kept lawns - where the visitor can enjoy breathtaking views in a peaceful and quiet setting. The result is a green oasis with a wide variety of plants and scented flowers - that shelters its visitors from noise and wind - and fulfils the need for a recreational breathing space in a big city.
Amalie Garden is located beside many popular attractions and from the garden area there are remarkable views of Amalienborg Palace - the equestrian statue of King Frederik V - the Marble Church to the west - Copenhagen’s new Opera House and the Royal Danish Playhouse.
Amalie Garden

Amaliehaven – Amalie Gardens

Metro - Kongens Nytorv Station

Amalie Gardens
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