NewsLetter & Tourism Information - November 2017 - Christmas Time in Copenhagen & Denmark

Christmas and New Year in Denmark and Copenhagen - 2017
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11. Edition - November - 2017
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Christmas Time in Copenhagen & Denmark
Christmas Preparations
All over Denmark the preparations to celebrate Christmas has started by making all sorts of traditional Christmas decorations.
Christmas Tree - Town Hall Square
The big Christmas Tree at the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen will be lit again on the first Sunday of Advent - like it has traditionally been done since 1914.
Christmas Celebration
The Danes will tastefully decorate their houses with Christmas lights during November - creating a cosy and blissful atmosphere for Christmas.
The Christmas Seal 2017
The Christmas Seal 2017 - "Julemærke" portraying different motifs from a genuine "Nisse" farm with a lot of active Danish Christmas "Nisser".
First Christmas Brew
J-Day - is celebrated by beer lovers everywhere in Denmark to mark the launch of the first Christmas Brew on November 1th.
"Mortensaften" is roasted duck and family gatherings in November - celebrating the humble St. Martin of Tours - "Morten Bisp".
Hubertus Hunt - 2017
The annually Hubertus Hunt (Fox Hunt) will take place at ”Dyrehaven” north of Copenhagen - with over 100 horses and riders challenging many exciting hindrances.
Cosy November in Copenhagen...
you'll see a smiling face - a fireplace - a cosy room!
Dear Reader...
The Cosy month with Christmas preparations and traditions
It's Christmas time in Copenhagen and Denmark - and the cosiest months of the year are November and December - where the climate in Copenhagen and Denmark starts to be freezing cold - and the first frosty periods begin to have influence on what you are wearing of really warm clothing. November is quite a relaxed month for shopping and for indoor activities - as well as loading up for Christmas preparations - and getting into the right Christmas spirit before December - with all the normal hush and rush to buy food and presents - and the traditional family gatherings with freshly baked Christmas cakes and cookies. It is quite a contrast to visit Copenhagen in November then in spring and summer - where all the leaves have nearly left the trees - and the sunny hours are limited to a minimum - while the electrical lights are the dominant illumination of the city. There will be Christmas Markets all over town with Christmas entertainent and other Christmas activities and events. All the homes in Copenhagen - and even the Queens Palace at Amalienborg has lit up the fireplaces - and turned the various heating systems on to warm up and create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere during the long cold winter. Many Copenhageners - as well as several other Danes feel like hibernating in winter just like bears do - and then wake up again - when spring arrives - loaded with new energy and recharged batteries. The cold long nights and short days with darkness are sending the message loud and clear - winter is coming - and the big Christmas Tree at the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen will be lit again on the first Sunday of Advent in late November - like it has traditionally been done since 1914 - and to symbolise that Christmas is spreading its magic spell all over town - as well as many of the houses in and around Copenhagen will be decorated with sparkling Christmas lightning. And all Graves in the many landscaped and historical Cemeteries located all over Copenhagen will traditionally be garnished with floral Christmas decorations and fir - and lit up with candles during Christmas time - which is a beautiful scenery and extraordinary experience.
Christmas Seal 2017 - "Julemærke" 2017
The new Christmas Seal 2017 - "Julemærke 2017" - has been presented at Copenhagen Town Hall by Crown Princess Mary - and Patron of The Christmas Seal Foundation - on November 3 - 2017 - and then released for purchase at every post office in Denmark.
J-Dag - is Christmas beer day in November
It is the day that beer lovers and beer enthusiasts have been waiting for nearly a whole year - and now finally the J-Day (J-Dag) will be launched on Friday - November 6st at precisely at 20:59 in any pub - bar - restaurant - supermarket - groceries - or anywhere else in Denmark by introducing this years strong - dark and tasty 6% “CHRISTMAS BREW” that also is the talk of the town in Copenhagen.
"Mortensaften" (St. Martin's Eve)
The Danes celebrate “Mortensaften” on the evening of November 10th - where the tradition has been for generations to serve roasted duck - (Mortensand) - and invite for a cosy family gathering. Celebrating “Mortensaften” in Denmark is similar to the traditional "Thanksgiving" Dinner in the USA and Canada - with a hefty meal - with a large juicy roasted turkey in the middle of the dinner table.
Hubertus Hunt
The annually Hubertus Hunt (Fox Hunt) will take place at ”Dyrehaven” north of Copenhagen. Between 40,000-50,000 spectators will attend and watch over 100 horse riders in their red hunting uniforms along the route with many exciting hindrances. The first hunt with hounds was in 1905.

Weather in November

November can be quite cold with frost at night on the surface - and sometimes a bit of snowfall. To keep you warm - while visiting Copenhagen - you will need extra warm clothing like sweaters - windproof jacket - long pants - closed toe shoes - gloves - scarf and hat. The average temperature in November is about 5 - 10 °C - and many showers are expected - but there is always a fresh cool breeze sweeping over the rolling landscape of Denmark - and there are still many visitors in town enjoying the cool and frosty side of Copenhagen.

Warmest and Coldest November day in Denmark
The Warmest November day in Denmark was on November 2 - 1968 - at "Præstø" South Sealand with temperatures as high as 18,5°C.

The Coldest November day in Denmark was on November 30 - 2010 - at "Vestervig" North Jutland with temperatures as low as -5-6°C.

Highest & Lowest temperatures in Denmark - November 2016
The highest temperature in Denmark last year in November - 2016 was +13,9°C - at "Hammer Odde" lighthouse on the isle of Bornholm - on November 21 - 2016. And the lowest temperature in November 2016 was -9,2°C at Karup in in Mid Jutland on November 8 - 2016.

Visitors Lounge
- Event Calendar

Christmas and New Year celebrations in Copenhagen & Denmark
The New Christmas Seal - 2017
Julemærke - 2017
Christmas Seal 2017 - "Julemærke" 2017
The new Christmas Seal 2017 - "Julemærke 2017" - has been presented at Copenhagen Town Hall by Crown Princess Mary - and Patron of The Christmas Seal Foundation - on November 3 - 2017 - and then released for purchase at every post office in Denmark.

The world's first Christmas Seal
The world’s first Christmas Seal “Julemærke” was invented by a Dane and published in Denmark at Christmas time in 1904 - portraying the Danish Queen Louise of Denmark and printed with the word “Julen” - 1904. Over 4 million were sold in the first year at 2 øre per seal. (There is 100 øre to every 1.00 kroner.)
See: Newsletter December 2017

Tuberculosis and child welfare

The Christmas Seal are labels placed on mail and cards beside the original stamp during the Christmas season to raise funds and awareness for charitable programs. During the following years enough money was raised in Denmark to develop a fund that could build a Christmas Seal Sanatorium in Kolding for children associated with lung diseases such as tuberculosis and child welfare. 
The Christmas Seal 2017
The Christmas Seal 2017 - has plenty of Christmas atmospheres by showing different Christmas motifs from a busy old "Nisse" farm.
Christmas Markets & Events all over Copenhagen
Join the Copenhageners Celebrating Christmas at their "Julemarkeder"
Christmas Markets in Town
There are many Christmas Markets spread all over Copenhagen during the month of November - and one of the largest is at "Kongens Nytorv".
Christmas Markets & Events all over Copenhagen
There are many Christmas Markets spread all over Copenhagen during the month of November - where the Copenhageners are loading up for their Christmas activities and the traditional celebration of Christmas in December. The Christmas events around the city will be a pleasant mixture of choirs singing Danish Christmas Carols - Christmas Brass bands entertaining - Christmas Concerts - Christmas Amusements for children and families - and the longest pedestrian street in the world “Strøget” will be decorated and lit up for Christmas together with all the historical Churches placed around the town - as well as open air eateries and food stands serving delicious Danish Christmas goodies. Santa Claus will be present in the major Departments Stores and also handing out cookies and sweets to all passing by. The major Christmas Markets will be placed at “Kongens Nytorv” - “Nyhavn” - “Town Hall Square” - "Nytorv" - “Christiania” and “Tivoli”. (Admission required at Tivoli) Even the joyful Salvation Army will start to sing Christmas Carols if you don’t donate some funds in their colleting cans.

See: Kongens-Nytorv - Nyhavn - Town Hall Square - Nytorv - Christiania and Tivoli.

"J-Day" in November - "Julebryg & Snebajer"
Christmas Beer Day Celebration is Christmas Time in Copenhagen & Denmark
J-Dag - November 3 - 2017 - 20:59...
…life is to short not to drink good healthy Christmas beer!

J-Dag is Christmas beer day

It is the day that beer lovers and beer enthusiasts have been waiting for nearly a whole year - and now finally the J-Day
(J-Dag) will be marked on Friday - November 3th - 2017 - at precisely at 20:59 in any pub - bar - restaurant - supermarket - groceries - or anywhere else in Denmark by introducing this years strong - dark and tasty 6% “CHRISTMAS BREW” that also is the talk of the town in Copenhagen.

Many happy hours at Christmas time
If you are visiting Copenhagen in November - and if you see a horse-drawn carriage from Carlsberg and Tuborg in the city - you probably will get a free hand out sample of this year’s traditional Christmas brew. Every Danish brewery has there own brand of Christmas beer - so there is a great selection of different sort’s of strong and dark beers in Denmark - and there are many happy hours around the Danish cities and especially in Copenhagen at Christmas time.

J - for Jul
The letter "J" stands for the Danish word for Christmas "Jul" - and is used as a slang to highlight the Christmas traditions and strong brewed beer every year - which is a great custom and becoming more and more popular than ever to celebrate that Christmas is just around the corner and must be celebrated with agenuine hefty "Julebryg and Snebajer".

A yearly welcoming event
The first J-Day with the special “Christmas Brew” - was marketed in 1990 to all the cheerful beer loving Danes - and ever since J-Day has been a yearly welcoming event - as well as it helps boosting up the Christmas sprit up to the cold but cozy Christmas holidays
. The first Danish Christmas Beer was brewed and introduced in 1920.

Over 300 types of strong Christmas Beers in Denmark
More than 300 big and small breweries brew strong Christmas Beers and Seasonal Ales all over Denmark with different taste and with an hefty alcohol percentage that will satisfy the Danes beer drinking culture during Christmas time that is the seasons for thick “Juleøl” - “Julebryg” and “Snebajer” - which is dated back several hundred years - and been used to be swallowed down - when celebrating Christmas in Denmark.

Christmas Beer Tradition
The first Christmas Beer was brewed in 1920 - and the first J-Day was introduced in 1990 - and has been a Christmas tradition ever since.
J-Day Celebration
The J-Day Christmas Beer Festival in November is celebrated all over Denmark with plenty of strong Christmas brew and happy beer lovers.
Strong Danish Christmas Beers
There are more than 300 types of Christmas Beers to select in Denmark for the thirsty beer lovers that can celebrate Christmas with thick and hefty Xmas ales.
"Mortensaften" (St. Martin's Eve)
The Danes serve and eat roughly 650,000 ducks on “Mortens Eve”.
"Mortensaften" (St. Martin's Eve)
The Danes celebrate “Mortensaften” on the evening of November 10th - where the tradition is to serve roasted duck. (Mortensand) The legend is that the humble St. Martin "Morten Bisp" would not let himself be appointed as a Bishop - and therefore he hid in a goose habitat. But he was betrayed by geese cackling - and was found. He later became Bishop - and then decided that every year to punish each geese - by slaughtering and eating them. Celebrating “Mortensaften” is similar to the way celebrating "Thanksgiving" in November - as it is a tradition and custom in the USA and Canada - with a hefty meal - centered around the large roasted turkey. The Danes buy - Fry - serve and eat roughly 620,000 to 650,000 ducks on “Mortens Eve”.
The "Morten Duck"
The Danes buy - fry - serve and eat roughly 620,000 to 650,000 ducks on “Mortens Eve”.
Christmas Preparations - 2017
The blissful fragrance of Christmas
Selecting Christmas Tree
It's a great tradition for the Danes every year in December to find and select their Christmas tree - and is also much fun and excitement for children and families to choose the one that fits exactly to their needs and home.
Dancing around the Christmas Tree
When the Christmas tree has been placed and decorated - it's also a joyful event for children and grown-ups to dance and sing the cheerful Danish Christmas songs around the Christmas tree - which has been a great tradition for generations.
Christmas Decorations
All around Denmark Christmas decorations are being prepared and made for the upcoming Christmas time and holidays.
Passionate Christmas Preparations in November and December...
Selecting the right Christmas tree to worship Christ - and celebrate Danish Christmas tradition

Selecting the Danish Christmas tree

Selecting the right Christmas tree (Juletræ) in Denmark at Christmas time in November and December is a great passion for the entire family - and feelings run deep - when it comes to selecting the ideal Christmas tree.

The perfect Christmas tree
It’s a great tradition among the Danes to use some time in the month of December - and for lovers of Christmas traditions too - it’s a must to find the perfect Christmas tree - whether it's pine - fir or spruce - a real Christmas tree is always better than that most grievous of yuletide follies - plastic.

The blissful fragrance of Christmas
For some - only a traditional pine or fir will do. Others could care less about looks - opting instead for a tree that will fill the house with the blissful fragrance of Christmas. And let’s not leave out the sentimentalists - those Christmas lover types with the power to nurture a few scruffy tufts of greenery into something lush.

Dance and sing around the Christmas Tree
Whatever the preference - for Danes and Christmas enthusiast celebrating this holy seasonal tradition - one thing is almost certain - the tree symbolizes the birth of Christ with the Star of Bethlehem on the top - and is a part of the Danes cultural upbringing and Christian background - as it has been for generations. And it's certainly a joyful event for children and grown-ups to dance and sing the cheerful Danish Christmas songs around the Christmas Tree - which has been a great tradition for generations.

Christmas Decorrations
All around Denmark - and as a special kick-off for celebrating the upcoming Christmas months - at kindergartens - schools - nursing homes - institutions and in every Danish home - all Danes are happily busy preparing and making Christmas decorations – which has been a great tradition for generations. And the cosy “hyggelig” family gathering and get-together preparations - with a lot of Christmas cookies and other tasty Christmas cakes that are served - while cutting and making Christmas decorations like flags - garlands - paper hearts - Advent wreath plus a lot of other traditional Christmas festoons to decorate walls and the traditional Christmas Tree. Especially children and grownups have quite an enjoyable interval during the Christmas preparation time - while this dark period are lit up by candles around Danish homes - and the lovely Christmas occasion and holidays is an event every Danes is looking forward to every year.
Danish Christmas Trees
The Danes are European champions to cultivate and produce Christmas trees
Danish Christmas Trees
Every year the Danes produce and sell over 15 million Christmas trees. And of these 80 % is exported.
Facts and info about the Danish Christmas trees:

The Danes are European champions to cultivate and produce Christmas trees:
- Every year the Danes produce and sell over 15 million Christmas trees
- 36 tons of Nobilis Fir and Nordmann Fir - plus 10 tons of Spruce - Pine and greenery
- 80 % is exported abroad to - Germany - England - France - Holland - Norway and Sweden
- 20 % Christmas trees is for our home market
- The most popular tree sort selected and used in Denmark for Christmas is Nordmann Fir
Christmas and New Year celebrations in Copenhagen & Denmark
Enjoy Cycling in Copenhagen - November
Especially at Christmas Time - the season for visiting Christmas Markets

Cycling and Outdoor Fun in November...
...but you'll look sweet - upon the seat - of a bicycle made for two!

Explore Copenhagen on a cycle
Take some very warm clothes on - a warm jacket - coat - cap - scarf - and gloves - and have plentiful of outdoor fun and fresh air in November - as it can be quite chilly at this time of the year - and can give you fairly red cheeks. We invite you once again to lend a bike at your local hotel and lodging site - or pay for a electric bicycle - or rent a bike at selected cycles shops - and take a
cycle trip right in the middle of town and visit the Old Latin Quarters of the City - where you will find many attractions within walking distance like the Round Tower of Copenhagen from 1642 - the Trinitatis Church that is attached to the Round Tower - The University of Copenhagen from 1836 - Copenhagen’s Cathedral from 1840 - and finally the longest pedestrian street in the world “Strøget”. It is also the season for visiting all the Christmas Markets in Copenhagen by cycle - which all are situated in a range of reasonable cycling distance.

360 km of safe cycle tracks
Visitors can actually take cycle trips from the one end of the city to the other within 1-hour. Start at Kongens Nytorv and cycle through the longest pedestrian street in the world “Strøget”. Then pass the Town Hall Square and enter the main shopping street “Vesterbrogade” that will take you right to the Zoo - while passing 5 km of shops - shops and shops - in one stretch. Copenhagen is geared for cycles with over 360 km of safe cycle tracks in and around the city.

Over 800,000 cycles in Copenhagen
Nearly every Copenhagener owns a bicycle - and some have one extra cycle for commuting and leisure activities - as there are almost 800,000 cycles in Copenhagen. Over 60% of all Copenhageners cycle back and forth to work - to the nearest station or to other public transportation services. There are over 360 km of save cycle tracks around the city - and should the cyclist have a green wave between traffic lights - the speed on a bicycle can easily reach 20 km per hour. Cycles are widely used in the summertime - due to the suitable weather conditions - even though the cycle tracks in the winter period are effectively cleaned for snow or other obstacles. The first separate bicycle tracks was established in Copenhagen around the Lakes in 1910 - to secure the heavy growth of cycles on the road at that time.

OBS! - Cycle City & Free Bicycles?
Even though Copenhagen claims to be a real cycle City - and aims to be the world's best city for cyclists in 2017 - with over 360 km of safe bike lanes - placed imaginatively like a magnificent maze around the city - and just a fantastic experience for visitors and tourists to use and explore - then Copenhagen is the only Capital in the world without "Free Bicycles" for their tourists and visitors! Unfortunately - the City Council of Copenhagen has not yet decided - whether to offer tourists and visitors free bicycles to explore Copenhagen on two wheels.

Cycling around: Cycling & Driving - Visitors Lounge Copenhagen Cathedral
See: Round Tower -
Shopping - Interactive Map
- National Gallery


Cold fun in November
Lend a cycle at your hotel or lodging site and explore Copenhagen plus its many attractions - shops - and Christmas markets all over the city.
Copenhagen's Cathedral
Visit by cycle - The beautiful Copenhagen Cathedral - and attend a service or a wedding. The Cathedral is from 1840 - and located in the old Latin Quarters - just near the world's longest pedestrian street "Strøget".
Round Tower - 1642
Visit by cycle - The Round Tower from 1642 - that is connected to Trinitatis Church - and located beside the longest pedestrian street in the world “Strøget”.
Cruise Ships in Copenhagen
6 Cruise Ships in Copenhagen - November & December - 2017...
Copenhagen's harbour - Scandinavia's major cruise centre!
Queen Elizabeth II
Luxury Ocean Liner MS Queen Elizabeth II from Cunard Cruise Line is one of the cruise ships that will visit Copenhagen in 2018.
MS Aurora
MS Aurora from P&O Cruises will visit the ports of Copenhagen in the new year of 2018.
Popular Port of Call
Over 1.2 million passengers and crew members from all over the world are expected to visit Copenhagen by ship in 2017 - as Copenhagen is the largest port of call in Northern Europe.

Cruising Copenhagen
The cruise ship season is fading out for 2017 - and will end with almost 320 calls - with 6 Cruise Vessels entering Copenhagen’s harbour in November and December 2017. Over 1.2 million passengers and crew member from all over the world are expected to visit Copenhagen by ship in 2017 - and more than 68 different cruise vessels have embarked the cruise ports of Copenhagen in 2016 - from 40 international Cruise Companies on their way to the Baltic countries - Germany - Russia and Scandinavia - as Copenhagen is the largest port of call in Northern Europe for intercontinental Cruise Companies and their Cruise Liners.

Nationality breakdown of passengers in 2016
The busiest months in Copenhagen for cruise liners in 2016 was June - July and August - and the nationality breakdown of passengers visiting Copenhagen in 2016 - was as follows: Germany (25%) - USA/Canada (23%) - Scandinavia (21%) - UK (14%) - Italy (7%) - Spain (4%) - Australia (3%) - and worldwide (3%).

Cruise Ships - and New Terminal Facilities
Cruise ships entering the port of Copenhagen will either embark at the Langelinie Pier - or the harbour area of the Freeport Piers at Nordhavn. Cruise ships from Norway - Sweden and Poland will dock at the new cruise terminal at "Amerika Plads". The expected visit of "Turn Around Cruise Ships" - will mainly tie up at the North Harbour Piers or Langelinie Quay for embarkation. The North Harbour Cruise Terminal with new piers has been taken into use to service some of the millions of incoming international cruise travellers - and crew members more conveniently in the future - with a pier to dock three cruise ships at a time. The Langelinie Quay offers their passengers historic terminal facilities - and situated in the Langelinie park area. The old Langelinie quay was established in 1910 - for embarkation of international cruise liners - and is still functioning as a cruise terminal.

Online sightseeing trip
Take an online round trip on our city portal - - and we are sure that cruise passengers will be overloaded with information and guided online trough the city of Copenhagen - when visiting this tourist site and cultural guide. Beside of escaping on one of our Inbound Travel Service many historical excursions or cultural field trips - there are plentiful of ways to see Copenhagen as a tourist and cruise passengers.

Cruise Copenhagen

Interactive Map - Inbound Travel Service - Onsite
- Sightseeing

Cruise Destinations & Ports of Call in Denmark
Cruise Destinations - Denmark
Ports of Call in Denmark
The West Coast of Jutland
Visit the vast and rustic West Coast areas of Jutland - with the huge ever moving sand dunes - and the old lighthouse from 1899 at “Råbjerg Mile” - that is predicted to fall into the sea within 6-7 years.
Cruise Destinations & Ports of Call in Denmark
Beside Copenhagen being the major cruise destination in Scandinavia - then several other beautiful and exhilarating cities in Denmark - all filled with a rich history - interesting attractions and an explosion of cultural venues - are visited by intercontinental cruise passengers - as these selected cruise destinations and Danish waterfront townscapes are widely used as the Port of Call for international Cruise Liners cruising the clean and steady waters of Denmark.
Ports of Call in Denmark:

Jutland: Aalborg - Aarhus - Fredericia - Skagen
Funen: Faaborg
Sealand: Copenhagen - Elsinore - Hundested - Kalundborg
Bornholm: Rønne
Shore Excursion and Field Trips
Our Inbound Travel Service Team offers comprehensive shore excursion and field trips from all Danish cruise destinations - as well as exploring the countryside around the local historical areas with many exciting sites and top attractions.
Customised Roundtrip with Guide - in and around Denmark
Cruise Lines operating from Copenhagen Ports of Call...
...and other Ports of Call in Denmark!
Christmas and New Year celebrations in Copenhagen & Denmark
Free - Free - Free - Copenhagen
No costly plastic cards required
The Marble Church
The Marble Church with its impressive dome and balustrade with 18 historical Statues from the Bible - is situated beside Amalienborg Palace.
The inner dome
The inner dome of the church is resting on 12 columns and has a span of 31m. The cupola is split into 12 equal parts and decorated with angels and the 12 apostles placed in each section.
...and no plastic cards required!

Explore Copenhagen Free. Free Activities - Attractions - Events and Venues. Copenhagen offers many free experiences to explore that don't cost one Kroner (DKK) and the Copenhageners wishes to share all of the free offers together with tourists and visitors. See:
Copenhagen Culture

Here are some of the free stuff and activities tourists and visitors can explore and experience - while staying in Copenhagen. Museums - Art Galleries - Libraries - Parks - Gardens and Leisure Areas - Changing of the Guards - Historical Churches and Cemeteries - "Strøget" (the worlds longest Shopping Street) - Harbour bath and Beaches - Free bicycles - Town Hall - Skating Rinks - The Danish Parliament - The Old Citadel (from 1626) - Nyhavn - (the longest bar in Scandinavia) - Botanical Garden - The Glyptotek - Skateboarding - Top Attractions and Historical Places - plus many free Seasonal Events in Copenhagen.

Frederiks Kirke - ”The Marble Church” - Free entrance

Visit the ”The Marble Church” with its great dome rising high above the rooftops of Copenhagen. The church is one of the characteristic landmarks of the city’s skyline. Around the church are 14 bronze statues of prominent Danish Church Fathers. On the balustrade around the dome are sculptures in zinc of 18 historical figures from the bible - comprising prophets and apostles as well as the founder of Reformation Martin Luther (1483-1546). After the church complex was left incomplete and stood as a ruin for nearly 150 years - and after nearly 20 years of construction due to new founds and other generous contributions - the Marble Church was finally completed and inaugurated on 19. August 1894. “The Marble Church” has the largest church dome in northern Europe with a span of 31m - that is resting on 12 columns.

See Marble Church - Interactive Map - Event Calendar

Christmas and New Year celebrations in Copenhagen & Denmark
Events & Entertainment in Copenhagen
Events and other City Hot Spots in November - 2017... Scandinavia's largest and most lively capital!
There are some exhibitions - conferences - and sports events in November - 2017 - in Copenhagen.

Ballerup Super Arena
Wolfpack vs. 79ers
GP Ballerup Sprint & Omnium

Bella Center
Hørkram Messe 2017
EuroSTAR 2017
Lægedage 2017 (Doctor's Fair)

Forum Copenhagen

- Building Green 2017

Parken - Stadium


There are major Exhibition Halls and large Exhibition Venues in and around Copenhagen - surrounded by excellent nearby hotels and superior accommodation.

Over 100 rides in their red uniforms

Every year the Eremitage Plain and Deer Park is the centre for the annual and traditional Hubertus Hunt - and since the first hunt with hounds in 1905 - was accomplished - the traditional race on houses to pursue a fox -a fox's tail pinned to the shoulder the leading rider - the Hubertus Hunt has been a great attraction every first Sunday of November - where more than 100 uniformed riders in their red uniforms participate in this event and surrounded by almost 40.000-50.000 enthusiastic spectators.
The Hubertus Hunt
The traditional Hubertus Hunt will take place in November as usual at the Deer Forest with more than 100 red clothed riders.
The Ordrpgaard Art Museum and Collection
Vistit the Ordrupgaard state owned Art Museum near Charlottenlund situated in a stunning and artistic park area slightly north of Copenhagen - before the museum closes down for a two year period - until 2019 - due to rebuilding and refurnishing of the art collection and museums facilities. The museum houses one of Northern Europe’s most considerable collections of Danish and French art from the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. The Ordrupgaard Art Museum is worth a visit for lovers of Danish and French Art - and is a tremendous experience.

Wilhelm Hansen established his collection of Danish art covering the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century during the period of 1892 to 1916. The Danish Golden Age is painstakingly represented by works that includes Danish Master painters Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg - Christen Købke - Johan Thomas Lundbye - P.C. Skovgaard and Wilhelm Marstrand. The main part of the collection confirms Wilhelm Hansen’s interest for contemporary art with works - which include artists such as L.A. Ring - Vilhelm Hammershøi and Theodor Philipsen - and Fynbo Painters Johannes Larsen - Fritz Syberg and Peter Hansen - Wilhelm Hansen’s childhood friend.

The French Art Collection include masterpieces and painting by famous French master painters like Manet - Monet - Renoir - Cézanne - Sisley - Gauguin and many more.
White Doors
The famous painting by Vilhelm Hammershøi "White Doors" is a precious part of the collection at Ordrupgaard Art Museum.
See: Museums


The Royal Danish Theatre - is a treasured cultural institution
Visit the Royal Danish Theatre and experience the performance of the Royal Danish Ballet - Philharmonic Concerts with the Royal Danish Orchestra - Opera by The Royal Danish Opera - Drama with The Royal Theatre at the National Stage or at the new Opera House. The Royal Danish Theatre is Denmark's most highly profiled cultural institution - and presents Danish theatre culture - at its very best.

Royal Danish Ballet Corps
Royal Danish Theatre
Experience the Royal Danish Ballet at the Royal Theatre - which is second to none for ballet lovers.
COPENHAGEN - A vibrant city - full of life - joy and entertainment!

The biggest city in Scandinavia
Copenhagen is a cosmopolitan city full of life and joy - and also the largest city in Scandinavia - which attracts a large groups of Scandinavian visitors - who enjoy Danish hospitality and the free way of practicing unrestricted drinking - related to the Danes hundreds of years of responsible alcohol culture - which goes way back to the Viking era. The Danish capital also offers - exciting events - festivals and shows that are performed in and around the city together with many cultural arrangements and sports activities.
Copenhagen Jazz CLubs
Copenhagen Jazz Clubs are one of the hottest and vibrant swinging places in Copenhagen.

See Event Calendar

Entertainment - Song of the Month
Melody & Song of the Month - November - 2017
Oldies - but Goodies!
Kylie Minogue - Winter wonderland
Oldies but Goodies!
Every month we will select a real appealing song or melody from the past - that once hit the top charts - and turned into a genuine evergreen - and is still worth listening to. The purpose is to take you down memory lane - either with the original version or in a new musical arrangement and orchestration.
This Month's Song
November - 2017
We have started the Christmas Celebrations for 2017 - with this month’s song “Winter Wonderland” - which has become one of the most popular Christmas songs since it was written in 1934 by Richard B. Smith and composed by Felix Bernard. Through all the decades the song has been recorded by over thousands of different artists from all over the world - and nearly a signature song for the Christmas Season. The first original recording was by Richard Himber and his Hotel Ritz-Carlton Orchestra on RCA Bluebird in 1934.
Kylie Minogue - Winter Wonderland
We are proud to present Kylie Minogue in this swinging version of the popular Christmas song "Winter Wonderland" - and have activated the preparations for the upcoming Christmas Season. The imaginative lyrics give the thoughts of a beautiful winter wonderland covered with new fallen snow and frosty atmosphere where “Sleigh bells ring, are you listening - In the lane, snow is glistening - A beautiful sight - We're happy tonight - Walking in a winter wonderland” - and the ear catching melody has been played for numerous decades and the wonderful scenic lyrics continue “In the meadow we can build a snowman - And pretend that he's a circus clown - We'll have lots of fun with mister snowman - Until the other kids knock him down”. “Winter Wonderland” hits the top of the lists as number 1 of the 25 most performed Christmas holiday songs for the last five years. The song has also been recorded and performed by Pat Boone - Paul Anka - Frank Sinatra - Barry Manilow - Bing Crosby - Elvis Presley - Dean Martin - Perry Como - Eurythmics - Brian Setzer Orchestra and many more. Listen to this superb arrangement with two of the best crooners performing “Winter Wonderland” accompanied by a exhilarating Big Band - and a cheerful audience.
We are not responsible for any unrelated advertisements that appear on this video - just remove these disturbing obstacles.

Marking Days in November - 2017
Christian Holy Days - Public Holidays and Flag Days
November - 2017

There are no Christian Holy Days or Public Holidays in November - 2017.

The J-Day - where the new strong Christmas beer is introduced on Friday November 4th.

The traditional celebration of "Mortensaften" on November 10th - with roasted duck and family gatherings.

The big Christmas Tree will be lit at the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen first Sunday of Advent in 2017.

The Danes have set their clocks back 1 hour - and have switched to wintertime -
October 29 - 2017

Public Holidays and Flag Days
Monthly Information
The Danes drink the cleanest tap and drinking water in the world!
The Cleanest tap water in the World
Remember - there is always clean fresh running tap water in every Danish household - institution - hotel etc. - and the Danes drink almost 2,5 litres of water each day. And the Danes are privileged to drink the cleanest tap and drinking water in the world.
Monthly Information...
…Personal and Practical Information for Tourists and Visitors! - do receive many hundred emails regarding subjects about: Language - Personal Emergencies - Doctors - Dentists - Casualty Wards - Free Hospital Treatment - Public Health Insurance - Pharmacy - (Apotek) - Drinking Water - Electricity - Tipping - Safety Precautions - Pocket Thieves - Police - Lost and Found Property - Local Transportation - Parking in Copenhagen - Cycling in Copenhagen - Religion and Churches - Shopping Hours - Post Offices and Banks - Credit Cards - Danish Currency - Internet - WIFI - Cell Phone - Weather and Climate - Denmark etc. The Newsletter Team has focus on all of these topics and the users of this site will find the answers under our Visitors Lounge.

Visitors Lounge

Miscellaneous & Monthly News Résumé…
The S-Trains and Transport in 2017...
…take the S-Train - and listen to those rails a-humming

The S-Train
Take the S-Train and experience Copenhagen and beyond - on one of the best local train networks in the world. The tour with the S-train is a great opportunity for tourists to see the city and also discover the outskirts of Copenhagen - as well as exploring North Sealand and the southern coastline too - with its many attractions - historical venues and enchanting forest areas. The train ride - from the Central Station or other local stations will take visitors every 20 minutes to Klampenborg - Hillerød and Frederikssund north of Copenhagen - and to Køge alongside the southern coastline of Sealand.

DSB is the main train operator in Denmark - and is owned by the Danish State.

The S-Train Net and Lines of Copenhagen - S-Trains
Free bicycles with the S-Train
The S-Train has a wide network of lines in and beyond Copenhagen - and it's free to transport a bicycle with the S-Train.
24 Hour Ticket
The 24 hour ticket provides unlimited transport by train - bus and metro in and around Copenhagen.
The FlexCard
The FlexCard offers unlimited transport by train - bus and metro in and around Copenhagen for
7 or 30 days.
Free transport of Bicycles
It is also free to take your bicycle with the S-Train every day all year round in 2017 - to your end station and destination.

Copenhagen Culture and Transport
Route Map
Route map for busses - trains and Metro.
Parking Guide
Car parking guide in and around Copenhagen.

Updated route map for Busses - Trains and Metro + Parking in central Copenhagen...

Maps and other traffic info are frequently updated
To give our readers better updated info about Busses - Trains - Metro and Harbour Busses as well as parking possibilities in central Copenhagen - we have moved this section from our transport site to the Monthly Newsletter page - as maps and other info are frequently updated by the provider of these services.

Updated bus route map
You're in the Greater Copenhagen area for a family visit or other reasons. Whatever - you'll need to get around by Bus - Train - Metro and Harbour Bus as easily as possible. Here we provide you with a quick overview of an updated route map that is relevant for you - which all valid for both buses - trains and Metro - some with specific periods and zones.

Harbour Busses
Take the harbour busses and experience Copenhagen from the seaside and waterfront - where one can hop on and of at popular spots around the harbour area.

The Bus Route Map is under revision!

Parking within the Pay and Display zone

You have to pay for parking at all times from 08.00 A.M. on Mondays until 17.00 P.M. on Saturdays. Your "Pay and Display" ticket is valid for the zone in which it was bought and also in any cheaper zones. Note that your "Pay and Display" ticket is valid for all zones from 18.00 in the evening until 08.00 the next morning because charges are the same everywhere for that time period. All parking around the city of Copenhagen is free on Sundays.

Se more on - and then select the english version!

Danish Banknotes & Coins
The first Danish banknote was issued in 1713
The Danish Banknotes...
…money - money - money - must be funny - in a rich man’s world!

When visiting Denmark - tourists will be presented with these new banknotes called the 2009-2011 series. But one will still meet the 1997 and 1972 series of banknotes in circulation.

The Theme of the banknotes

The theme of the new banknotes is Danish bridges and the surrounding landscapes - or details from these landscapes. The artist Karin Birgitte Lund has chosen to interpret this theme in two ways - bridges as links between various parts of Denmark and as links between the past and the present. The present is represented by the bridges - the past by five distinctive prehistoric objects found near the bridges.

Read more:
Danish Currency - Banknotes & Coins

First Danish banknote - 1728
The first Danish banknote was issued in 1713 - and the banknote was to have the same value as coins - but the Danes did not trust this paper money - and its value therefore soon fell to below the coin value. The banknotes were withdrawn again in 1728.
Christmas and New Year celebrations in Copenhagen & Denmark
A Messy Construction Site in 2017
The Metro City Ring
The Metro City Ring will circle around the central part of Copenhagen - when completed in 2019.
Construction Sites in Copenhagen
Due to Metro City Ring extension - there will be some messy streets and places in Copenhagen.
Town Hall Building Site
One of the most affected constructions sites will be at the Town Hall Square - where the major Town Hall Station will be located.
The Tunnel Boring Machine
The huge tunnel boring machine (TBM) - will operate and drill - bore - and excavate the two tunnels 25 to 35 meters under the surface of Copenhagen creating a diameter of almost 5 meter.
New York Subway opened in 1860
The New York Subway (Metro) opened in 1860 - and is the oldest and largest underground railway system in the world.

Copenhagen 2017 - A Messy Construction Site...
…21 active Metro Bulding Sites all over the City until 2019-2020!

Construction of the new Metro Circle Line
Tourists visiting Copenhagen within the next couple of years - and until 2019-2020 - will see and experience an enormous lot of heavy construction activity and building sites all around Copenhagen - due to establishing and completing the new Metro Circle Line that will run right in the central part of Copenhagen.

The expansion of the exciting public transport system
The expansion of the existing public transport system in Copenhagen by building the new Metro Circle Ring will cost the Danish tax payers almost DKK 24 billion - and will consist of two single track tunnels - running in a ring around the central part of Copenhagen - each with the approximately length of 16 km - and totally 32 km of new track tunnels are slowly being drilled and bored by advanced and giant tunnel boring machines about 25-35 metres under the surface of Copenhagen - to meet each end of the new circle line precisely.

Breakthrough - The Tunnel Boring Work completed
The Tunnel Boring Work was completed in February 2017 - and the completion of Tracks and Metro Stations plus all nessasary facilities and technical installations has started.

Great benefit for future Metro users
When the new metro system is completed - it will be a great benefit for daily commuters - tourist and Copenhageners - as the new Metro Circle Ring will be a fully automated driverless metro ring line operating 24 hours - 7 days a week - and with 17 underground stations and island platforms - as well as 4 crossover facilities - with 4 construction and ventilation shafts. It will take approximately 24-minutes to travel all the way around the new Metro City Line.

21 construction sites all over Copenhagen
Tourists in Copenhagen will experience changes in traffic patterns - bus routes - as well as retail trade - shopping availability - restaurant visits - train station accessibility etc. - and everyone living and visiting the city will be affected in some way in and around the building sites. Tourist should take extra caution - and be extra careful during their stay or vacation in the city - as there will be almost 21 heavy construction sites all around Copenhagen that obviously will make the city more or less noisy - dusty - muddy etc. - with many challenging obstacles - and numerous changed streetscapes. All together - Copenhagen will be quite a big mess until 2018 - and the most affected location created by the construction work - is the Town Hall Square - right in the “bull's eye” of Copenhagen - where the pulse of the city really beats - and has for many decades - always been the favourite meeting place for tourists spending their holidays in Copenhagen.

Traffic problems all around Copenhagen
The building of the new city metro ring will obviously create a lot of traffic problems in and around Copenhagen with plenty of detours - changes in traffic patterns - as well as heavy traffic jams.

Metro Ring Completed in 2019-2020

The new Metro City Ring will according to all ambitious plans open and operate in 2019-2020 - and the preparation work - including geotechnical surveys and archaeological excavation - is already in their final stage. The huge tunnel boring machine (TBM) - also known as a "mole" - will then start to drill - bore - and excavate in the extremely hard gray clay and chalk to create the two tunnels 25 to 35 meters under the surface of Copenhagen with a diameter of almost 5 meters.

Location of construction sites
Here are the 21 different construction sites located in central Copenhagen and listed in alphabetical order - and in their originally names in Danish: Aksel Møllers Have - Enghave Plads - Frederiksberg - Frederiksberg Allé - Gammel Strand - Kongens Nytorv - København H - Marmorkirken - Nørrebro - Nørrebroparken - Nørrebros Runddel - Nuuks Plads - Otto Busses Vej - Poul Henningsens Plads - Rådhuspladsen - Skjolds Plads - Sønder Boulevard - Trianglen - Vibenshus Runddel - Øster Søgade/Sortedams Sø - and Østerport.

New York Subway - 1860
The New York Subway (Metro) is the oldest underground railway transit system in the world - which opened in 1860 - with stations located throughout the boroughs of Manhattan - Brooklyn - Queens and the Bronx. The Subway system today is one of the largest in the world with over 470 stations operating on a 24-hour basis.

The London Underground - 1863
The London Underground transit system (Metro) - called The Metropolitan Railway - opened in 1863 - and is the second oldest underground train system in the world - with over 26,000 passengers a day within a few months after the opening in 1863 - and was operating between Hammersmith and Farringdon Street. Today - the London Underground serves 270 stations by rail - and is also colloquially called "The Tube".

Travelling safely in Copenhagen
Mind Pickpockets and Trick Thieves in crowded areas in Copenhagen
Safety Precautions in Copenhagen...
...especially in crowded areas!

Cynical Pickpockets - Trick Thieves and Con Men!

Like in any other Capital City or Metropolitan areas - Copenhagen has it’s problems with professional pickpockets and and cynical trick thieves that mainly target Visitors and Tourists - and are spread all over the city with their criminal activities. Even though Copenhagen records a very low crime rate - and is a quite safe place to be and live - pocket thieves operate in crowded tourist areas - where the risk of being a victim for these sneaky criminals is higher on the Pedestrian Street “Strøget” - and the area around the Central Station and in S-Trains - as well as Cinemas - Cafés - Restaurants and Public Transportation etc.. So be careful with your personal belongings and always use your common sense. If any attempt - you should immediately contact the police.

Read more:
Travelling Safely in Copenhagen

Pickpockets and Thieves
Mind Pickpockets and Trick Thieves in crowded areas in Copenhagen - and many con men and criminals will enter Copenhagen for the tourist season.
Christmas and New Year celebrations in Copenhagen & Denmark
Quotation of the month
Victor Borge
Quotation of the Month - November - 2017

“Santa Claus has the right idea - visit people only once a year”

(Julemanden er inde på noget rigtigt: besøg folk én gang om året)

Victor Borge - Famous Danish entertainer - 1909-2000.

Victor Borge & Michala Petri

Danish Food Culture - Culinary Heritage - and Cooking Recipes
*A Part of the Danish Cultural Heritage*
Danish Specialities - Recipes of the Month - November

"Skinke med Grønlangkål"
Ham with Kale Stew (Curly abbage)

A real Delight and Treat - as a Starter for the coming Christmas Season!
Kale or borecole - “Grønkål” - is used to make “Grønlangkål” - which is a Danish vegetable stew that has been eaten in Denmark and Nordic countries for several centuries - mainly in the wintertime. Until the end of the Middle Ages - kale was one of the most common green vegetables in Europe - because kale lutes - with its important nutrients - is easy to grow and harvest all year round. The dish is originated from the rural regions - and old country kitchens - and had slowly spread its way to the city areas - as an everyday meal for the working class. But it is an obligatory and traditional dish for Christmas together with pork related supplements like heavy pork sausages "Medisterpølse" - "Danish "Sylte" - head cheese or brawn - “Kogt flæsk” - slices of juicy cooked pork on the bone plus strong mustard. The “Grønlangkål” stew can vary widely from region to region - and is one of the Danes most favourite dishes and recipes. The picture shows delicious “Grønlangkål” stew with cooked ham and caramelised potatoes.
"Skinke med Grønlangkål" - Ham with Kale Stew
"Skinke med Grønlangkål"
(Kale stew with ham and caramelised potatoes)

The dish is over 500 years old and has been a traditional everyday meal for generations of Danes in the wintertime - and a must at Christmas with various pork meats. This recipe is from Lolland - an isle in the southern part of Denmark.

2 kg
1 kg
75 g
2 dl
2 tablespoon
2 teaspoon
Ham with Kale stew

Slightly smoked ham
Kale or borecole
Salted butter
Whipping cream 38%
Sugar (to yor taste)


1 kg

40 g
50 g

Caramelised potatoes

Small potatoes
Granulated sugar
Kale stew

Kale is filled with all types of healthy vitamins like iron - calcium - vitamin C - vitamin K and vitamin A. Kale is one of the healthiest vegetables around and one way to be sure to enjoy the maximum nutrition and flavour from kale is to cook it properly - by healthy steaming for at least 10 minutes.

Caramelised potatoes
Caramelised potatoes (brunede kartofler) is a must and a great tradition to eat with roasted duck - cooked ham - roasted pork especially at Christmas - and has been a custom for generations.

Follow me...

Ham with Kale stew and caramelised potatoes

Slightly smoked ham
Place the ham in a frying bag for the oven - or wrap it in a large piece of foil for cooking. Roast in oven at 200 degrees C for approx. 2 hours - or boil it for 1 hour.

is often called "borecole" - and in America collards are sometimes called "sprouts."

Kale recipe - from Lolland - an isle in the southern part of Denmark.

- Rinse the kale well in large bowl of warm water - place in colander - then drain. Discard any discoloured leaves. To trim away tough stem ends - make "V-shaped" cut at stem end - discard tough stems.

- Slice the rolled leaves crosswise into ½ inch thick slices with a sharp knife - then separate the kale into strips and small pieces. 50 gram of butter is melted and stirred together in a big pot with the flour into a consistent layer - then ad the kale and heat it up with some water. Stir regularly - and ad the whipping cream - more butter - sugar - salt and pepper.

- Boil for 10-15 minutes until the kale stew has reached a solid consistency - and to your taste.

Caramelised potatoes (brunede kartofler)
- Boil the potatoes in their skins for 15-20 minutes or until cooked. When cool enough to handle - peel off the skins with a small knife.

- Heat the sugar in a frying pan over a medium-low heat for 2-3 minutes - then add the butter. When it starts foaming - add the potatoes and turn to coat in the mixture.

- Cook for a further 4-5 minutes until nicely golden and browned - then serve.

Serve with all the pork supplements
- Serve the "grønlangkål" - kale stew - with cooked smoke ham - cooked pork sausages and pork on the bone together with the cold head cheese or brawn.

Supplement: Marinated beetroot - pickled gherkins -
strong mustard and warm rustic rye bread

Christmas traditions
Kale stew with cooked ham "Grønlangkål med skinke" - is a must and a tradition to serve at Christmas in Denmark.

Ready-made "Grønlangkål" - Kale stew

You can also buy various ready-made "Grønlangkål" -
in supermarkets and grocery stores.

See Eating and traditional Danish food culture

See Danish Specialities with Recipes in English Recipes

Velbekomme! - Enjoy yor meal!

Christmas and New Year celebrations in Copenhagen & Denmark
The Online Goodwill and Tourism Ambassadors of Copenhagen!
Important Tip!
Even though we show thousands of "sunshine photos" on our Copenhagen Portal and on this Newsletter site too - then it does sometimes "rain" in Copenhagen and Denmark - so remember an umbrella!


Welcome to Copenhagen.

Most sincerely - from Copenhagen & Denmark!

Advisory Board & News Letter Team
George B. Moller

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