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The Warm Summer Season of a Brand New Year - 2017 - Copenhagen Tourism Site and Cultural Guide
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7. Edition - July - 2017

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Stevns Klint (Stevns Cliff)
Nearly 55% of the Danes prefer to spend their holidays in Denmark - and all over the Danish kingdom. One of the most visited and popular venues in Denmark is Stevns Klint (Stevns Cliff) - added to the World Heritage List.
Jazz Festival in Copenhagen
The traditional July Jazz Festival in Copenhagen is a yearly event and a great tourist attraction.
Active outdoor life in July
Outdoor life and activities in July is thriving in Copenhagen - and the porky sausages and other types of tasty grill food is prepared as delicious BBQ meals.
Copenhagen's Sandy Beaches
Copenhageners flock in July to their many beaches around the city for a fresh swim and sun tanning.
Cruise Ships in Copenhagen
The Cruise Terminal at Langeline and Nordhavnen will harbour 65 Cruise Ships in July 2017.
July Weather
The ever warm July weather - creates conditions that encourage visitors to take a relaxing boat trip out in the fresh air and blue waters of the Oresound.
Green Forests & Woodlands
The many shady and beautiful beech forests around Copenhagen is worth a visit in July - when the plants and trees are light green all over the entire woodland area.
Holiday and Festival time in Copenhagen...
...we're going on a summer holiday - to make our dreams come true!
Dear Reader...
3-4 weeks holiday season
July is typically the prime 3-4 weeks holiday season for mostly all Danes - and schools are closed for over a month. That’s the reason why the streets seem a bit empty - as the Copenhageners have moved out of town and left the city over to the millions of tourist and cruise passengers plus other fellow citizens from Denmark and Scandinavia. The first Danish Holiday Act is from 1938 - and was approve by the Danish Parliament - which gave every working citizen in Denmark the right to have 2-weeks paid vacation. Today the Danes are entitle to 6-weeks of paid holiday spread over a one year period - from May to May - which is normally conducted at summer - autumn and spring.
The Danes Vacation Preferences
The Danes spend 45% of all vacations abroad - and here are the 10 most popular European destinations and countries that are preferred: Spain - Italy - France - Germany - Sweden - Greece - Austria - Norway - Turkey and UK. The most popular overseas destinations for Danish travellers are USA - Canada and Thailand. And 55 % of all Danes select Denmark as their holiday destination - using the entire Danish nation as their favourite vacations paradise - as many Danes prefer their homeland as a holiday destination in the summer season.

Popular holiday destinations in Denmark
See the photo section and pictorial gallery that shows the favourite places - where the Danes like to spend their summer holidays in Denmark
Danish Dialects - with over hundreds of sub-dialects
Even though Denmark only has over 5.6 million inhabitants and is a small country in size - then there are over fifty traditional Danish dialects that differ from the modern Standard Danish Language called (rigsdansk) - which is mainly spoken in and around the Danish Capital Copenhagen.

Read more further down this page.

The Festival Month
July is also the Festival month of the year - where travellers and visitors can experience the traditional - COPENHAGEN JAZZ FESTIVAL 2017 at several venues in the city - and at the - ROSKILDE FESTIVAL 2017 - which is the biggest music festival in Northern Europe. Roskilde is situated about 30 km from Copenhagen. Finally - COPENHAGEN OPERA FESTIVAL - 2017 - will be held in the city with locations all over town.

Read more further down this page.
The Copenhagen Cruise Ports will have 65 Calls in July
At the present - 65 cruise vessels will visit Copenhagen in July 2017 - with a lot of cheerful passengers and crew members - having great expectations - on their way to explore the Baltic - Russian and Scandinavian countries.

Read more further down this page.

Enquiries of interesting Topics and Issues
The editorial Newsletter team receive many questions about certain topic and issues described and illustrated on especially concerning: The Danish Cultural Heritage - The Royal Danish Family - Cruise matters - Museums - Denmark - Transportation - Danish Food Culture - Events - Historical Venues - Danish Currency & money etc. - which the editorial team will focus on and explain in a more detailed - and select as a main topic in a up-to-date version in every monthly Newsletter edition - beside of other news related subjects about Copenhagen and Denmark.
Weather in Copenhagen and Denmark
July - is usually one of the warmest months of the year in the Northern Hemisphere - and in Denmark and Copenhagen too. Copenhageners flock to the beaches - and at the local Harbour Bathing facilities situated around the harbour area - with lifeguards on duty - as well as attending many other outdoors activities. Gardens and parks are flourishing together with the many light green and shady forests around Copenhagen that is worth a visit.

July is certainly for sleeveless tops - short sleeve - t-shirts and long sleeve shirts or blouse as well as a pair of shorts or loose fitting pants - as Copenhagen in July can be quite temperate with some showers - and there is always a fresh breeze sweeping over the rolling landscape in Denmark. The normal temperature in July is about 18-25 °C.

Warmest and Coldest July day in Denmark
-The Warmest day in Denmark in July was measured on July 10 - 1941 - at Erslev - on the Isle of Mors and Nykøbing Mors city - Viborg County - with a temperature as high as +35,3°C.

-The Coldest day in Denmark in July was measured on July 16 - 1903 - at “Gludsted Plantage” - Aarhus - Western Jutland - with a temperature as low as -0,9°C.

July 2016
The highest temperature last year in in July 2016 - was 28.9°c - at Abed - on the Isle of Lolland. The lowest temperature last year in in July 2016 - was 6.8°c - at the city of Horsens situated in east Jutland.

See: Weather & Climate in Denmark
See: Visitors Lounge - Harbour Bath - Beaches - Event Calendar
Visit Delightful Denmark...
A part of the Danish Cultural Heritage and National Treasures!
STEVNS KLINT (Stevns Cliff) - And its Church
Visit a Remarkable - Must See - Tourism Sight.
Stevns Klint - Denmark
Stevns Klint ((Stevns Cliff) is located on the east coast of mid Sealand (Zealand) - and is over 65 millions years old - with its famous church on its way into the sea. The last religious service was held in 1910.
Romantic Wedding Venue
Get married in the 13th Century Old Højerup Church just over the limestone Cliffs of Stevns.
Attractive piece and historical slice of Denmark...
Stevns Klint (Stevns Cliff)
Stevns Klint (Stevns Cliff) - 65 million years old - and a Church on its way into the sea.
Stevns Klint offers two remarkable sights
The area around Stevns Klint offers a great scenic experience - but also on a very interesting tourist attraction - which annually attracts thousands of tourists. The Stevns Cliff (Stevns Klint) has a height of almost 40 m and visitors can experience a magnificent coastal area and a wonderful view over the Baltic Sea. To the South - one can see Møns Klint (Cliffs of Møn) - and to the North is the Oresund Bridge. The cliff stretches almost with 12 km of coastline - and the landscape primarily consists of chalk deposits - which were stored for more than 65 million years ago.

Stevns Klint - A World Heritage site

Stevns Klint (Stevns Cliff) was added to the World Heritage List year 2014 - by the UN organization UNESCO - and is now a member of the World's Cultural Legacy.

Get married in Højerup Church

Get married at Old Højerup Church with a fantastic view over the Baltic Sea and over the limestone Cliffs of Stevns - and give your wows in historical and romantic settings that will make a Wedding Ceremony be one of the most memorable occasions in a lifetime.

Read more - Stevns Klint

Delightful Denmark Series

Follow the Footsteps of Royal Danish History
A ROYAL AFFAIR is the true story of an ordinary man who wins the Danish Queen's heart and starts a revolution. Available on DVD.
“A Royal Affair”...
...a very true and romantic love story!

The Danish film called “A Royal Affair” (Danish - En Kongelig Affære) - produced in 2012 - is a historical and romantic drama that focuses on the Royal romance between the Danish Queen Caroline Matilda (Danish - Caroline Matilde) - and the Royal German Physician Count Johann Friedrich von Struensee from 1769 to 1772. The King returned to Copenhagen in 1769 from his long tour of Europe bringing with him Johann Friedrich Struensee - who later was appointed to be the King’s Royal physician. King Christian VII suffered much of his mental illness with severe emotional and unstable problems - and became even more schizophrenic during his reign as a King.
Follow the footsteps of
Struensee and Queen Caroline Matilda…
...visit the many places - where this historical and authentic drama took place - and trace the royalties based on the film “A Royal Affair”.

Read more

Join - Copenhagen Jazz Festival - 2017
Copenhagen Jazz Festival - July 2017...
...jazz is in the air - everywhere I look around!

The annual Jazz event in Copenhagen
Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2017 - is an annual Jazz event held in Copenhagen. The 2017-edition comprised around 1270 concerts - and around 310,000 people will attended the festival. The Copenhagen Jazz Festival programme offers daily concerts with performances by jazz musician taking place around 100 venues and “hot spots” in town - from intimate clubs to concert halls - parks - shopping malls - boats - waterfront - museums - churches etc. featuring anything from experimental Scandinavian artists to international performers. The festival is for jazz lovers and for curious spectators - who admire swinging jazz music.

Largest Jazz Mecca in Europe
The current Jazz Festival in Copenhagen has really grown in size and turned into a fantastic Jazz Mecca since its foundation way back in 1979 - and is today one of the largest Jazz events in Europe - and derives from a former Jazz festival era from the 1965-1970 - where giants like Thelonius Monk - Miles Davis and many others gave concerts in Copenhagen - and where the city also served as a European home for American jazz musicians like Dexter Gordon - Ben Webster and Kenny Drew.

Legenday and International Jazz Musicians
Musicians who have performed at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival include Jazz legends like Sonny Rollins - Oscar Peterson - Ray Charles - Michel Petrucciani - Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen - Keith Jarrett - Wayne Shorter - Dizzy Gillespie - John Scofield - Herbie Hancock - Pat Metheny - Michel Camilo - Svend Asmussen Quartet - Richard Bona and Tony Allen.

Al types of Jazz Music in Copenhagen
Tourists in Copenhagen from the period of July 7th to 16th - 2017 - will be listening to many types and genres of Jazz music being played in and around the city like Traditional Dixieland Jazz - Bebop - Big Band - Cool Jazz - Jazz Fusion - Hot Jazz - Boss Nova etc. - you name it - and you’ll hear it in Copenhagen.

38 Years of Jazz
The Jazz Festival 2017 - is 39 years of loverly Jazz in Copenhagen - and Copenhageners are humming and swinging in July!

Video from Jazz Festival

See Event Calendar

Jazz at La Fontaine
Anders Gaardmand at restaurant La Fontaine in a sax solo at the previous Jazz Festival.
Many Jazz Venues in Copenhagen
There will be over 100 venues in and around Copenhagen - where Jazz lovers can enjoy their favourite Jazz genre and preferred Jazz music. The image shows Goran Kajfes Subtropic Arkestra - who also will be entertaining at the Jazz Festival - 2017.
Open Air Street Jazz
There will be numerous of street bands around the city playing their own style of Jazz music for all of the enthusiastic spectators at the Jazz Festival - 2017.
Enjoy Cycling in Copenhagen - July

Cycles and Outdoor Fun in July...
...but you'll look sweet - upon the seat - of a bicycle made for two!

Lend a cycle at your hotel - and explore Copenhagen

Due to the warm weather conditions in the city and for outdoor fun in July - we invite you once again to lend a cycle at your hotel or logging site - or rent cycles at selected cycles shops - and explore Copenhagen and all the historical places and cultural venues - together with all the amusing spots at the ever bustling waterfront and beautiful coastline of the city. Just a few km from the city centre - one can cycle to the old canals of Christianshavn - and visit some of the quarter’s attractions like the beautiful Church of Our Saviour from 1682 - that has one of the many towers rising above Copenhagen’s skyline - and is famous among tourists and visitors for its spiral tower and staircase with a magnificent view over the city. The remarkable tower and spiral-shaped gold spire construction is 90 meter high with 400 steps to the top. And nearby is "Christiania" also called - The City in the City - which is a great tourist venue in Christianshavn.

350 km of safe cycle tracks
Visitors can actually take cycle trips from the one end of the city to the other within 1-hour. Start at Kongens Nytorv and cycle through the longest pedestrian street in the world “Strøget”. Then pass the Town Hall Square and enter the main shopping street “Vesterbrogade” that will take you right to the Zoo - while passing 5 km of shops - shops and shops - in one stretch. Copenhagen is geared for cycles with over 350 km of safe cycle tracks in and around the city.

Over 800,000 cycles in Copenhagen
Nearly every Copenhagener owns a bicycle - as there are almost 800,000 cycles in Copenhagen. Over 60% of all Copenhageners cycle back and forth to work - to the nearest station or to other public transportation services. There are over 360 km of save cycle tracks around the city - and should the cyclist have a green wave between traffic lights - the speed on a bicycle can easily reach 20 km per hour. Cycles are widely used in the summertime - due to the suitable weather conditions - even though the cycle tracks in the winter period are effectively cleaned for snow or other obstacles. The first separate bicycle tracks was established in Copenhagen around the Lakes in 1910 - to secure the heavy growth of cycles on the road at that time.

OBS! - Cycle City & Free Bicycles?
Even though Copenhagen claims to be a real Cycle City - and aims to be the world's best city for cyclists in 2017 - with over 360 km of safe bike lanes - placed imaginatively like a magnificent maze around the city - and just a fantastic experience for visitors and tourists to use and explore - then Copenhagen is the only Capital in the world without "Free Bicycles" for their tourists and visitors! Unfortunately - the City Council of Copenhagen has not yet decided - whether to offer our valuable tourists and visitors free bicycles to explore Copenhagen on two wheels.

See Christianshavns Canals - Interactive Map

Visit Christianshavn and its canals on cycle and then experience how modern architecture is blended in with the old historical buildings from around 1620.
350 km of safe cycle tracks
Copenhagen is geared for cycles with over 350 km of safe cycle tracks in and around the city.
Cycling to the Beach
You will always be near any beach area - when you live in Copenhagen - and it’s easy just to take a cycle trip for a swim or for sunbathing.
Visit Copenhagen Beaches
COPENHAGEN BEACHES - Are great warm city venues
Beach areas around Copenhagen in July
The beach and bathing season is still a great outdoor activity in Copenhagen - and when you stay in Copenhagen you are never far from a beach area. Around Copenhagen there are many beaches - where tourists can spend a day at the beach that are classified as some of the cleanest in Europe and proudly fly the "Blue Flag".

Safety and Beach numbers
On all larger public beaches there will be Lifeguards from June to August from 11 a.m. to 19 p.m. - where red and white streaked lifeguard towers are situated. And all Danish beaches have a number system - with an individual number for each beach venue - if any type of emergency should occur. The Beach Number sign will be placed on the beach - and is green with a three digit number to identify the location - where the emergency service is required. Call the police on 112 - when recue service is needed - and inform the operator of the local beach number.

Beach Activities
The beaches are especially suitable for children with miles of white sand and grassy dunes offering plenty of beach activities.

52 km from the coast line
From any point and place in Denmark - there will be less than 52 km to the coastline - beaches and sea.

Beaches and Bathing - Copenhagen

Beautiful Beaches
There are several beautiful beaches around the coastline of Copenhagen - with red and white streaked lifeguard towers on larger public beaches.
Emergency Beach Numbers
All Danish Beaches have a Beach Number for quick location - if emergency and rescue service is required.
Free Harbour Bathing
HARBOUR BATHING - A Free Copenhagen Event
Crystal clean & fresh bathing water
The Harbour Bathing facilities will open in June - July & August - and will again offer tourists a fresh free swim in crystal clean and fresh bathing water until September. The bathing facilities have life savers constantly on duty and both bathing places have from the very beginning been a great success. The Opening of the harbour bathing season is from June 1st to August 31st - and is a great yearly tradition and event for Copenhageners. Come and join the Copenhageners from 07:00 am to 07:00 pm on weekdays - and Saturday and Sundays from 11:00 am to 07:00 pm. All lovers of outdoor-bathing are looking forward to this special and traditional wet and sun-tanning event in June - and until September.

Harbour Bathing

Harbour Bathing facilities
Fun - fun - fun - and plenty of splish splash. The Harbour Bathing facilities is open for all visitors and Copenhageners - who just loves a cool fresh free swim in crystal clear water.
Join - Free Summer Dancing
Dance with the Copenhageners
The yearly Summer Dance in "Fælledparken" is for everyone - who enjoys dancing - and also for all the tourists that visit the city in June and July - 2017.

Free Summer Dance 2017 - "Fælledparken"...
...I could have danced - danced - danced all night!

Come and Dance with the Copenhageners -
Come and dance with the Copenhageners in July at "Fælledparken". (The peoples Park). SWINGTIME - LATIN - TANGO etc. Free open air Dancing session and lessons at Fælledparken with great live bands - and happy dancing people. Everyone is welcome. So take your partner or find one and join in a programme of popular dances - with free dancing lessons that will teach you some basic steps and start you off on the right foot - when you want to dance - SWING - SALSA - TANGO - RUMBA - STANDARD - and much more.

So - take them stepping shoes on
- and turn loose on the dance floor. Dancing will take place in June and July at "Fælledparken" - Monday to Thursday from 19.00 – 22.00 p.m. The Culture and Leisure Committee of Copenhagen’s City Council is the prime organizer of this very trendy and successful event.

See Event Calendar

Visit The Little Mermaid - 2017
One of the most famous "Cult" Icons in the World
Branding Copenhagen
The Little Mermaid has celebrated her 100 years jubilee - in 2013.
The City Brand of Copenhagen
The little Mermaid is Copenhagen’s grand old lady - and a world famous "Cult" Icon - that has been the pride of the city for generations.
Branding Copenhagen for over 100 Years...
...The Little Mermaid - The City Brand of Copenhagen!

Loyal to all of her tourist’s fans
She just sits on her stone - and welcomes all of her fans from all over the world - and has been a loyal Girl and the "First Lady" for over 100 years branding Copenhagen and Denmark in all sorts of weather. In 2013 - The Little Mermaid commemorated her 100-year grand jubilee - and she will be happy if everyone from countries outside Denmark will come and visit her in 2017 - and send her a lot of loving and well-deserved flying kisses from the seashores of Langelinie.

The City Brand of Copenhagen
She is Copenhagen’s "Grand Old Lady" - and the pride of the city - as well as being one of the most likable and adorable "Cult" figures in the world - but is still in a young shape - and she is also the famous City Brand of Copenhagen - and will always be the prime national symbol and landmark of Denmark's capital. No one else can brand Copenhagen like the Little Mermaid!

First Lady and Prime landmark of the city
Millions of tourist's visit The Little Mermaid free every year - and she sure knows how to promote Copenhagen - as she has done brilliantly for over the last 100 years - as the Prime landmark of the city.

Read more: The Little Mermaid

Cruise Ships in Copenhagen - July
65 Cruise Ships in Copenhagen - July - 2017...
…Copenhagen's harbour - Scandinavia's cruise centre!
AIDAbella will enter the harbour of Copenhagen - together with other 310 Cruise ships from all over the world - on their way to the Baltic Sea - and other Scandinavian countries.
MSC Poesia
MSC Poesia is one of the 65 cruise ships embarking the ports of Copenhagen in July - 2017.
Popular Port of Call
Over 1.2 million passengers and crew members from all over the world are expected to visit Copenhagen by ship in 2016 - as Copenhagen is the largest port of call in Northern Europe.

The Cruise Season - 2017
The number of cruise vessel entering the ports of calls in Copenhagen in July - 2017 - will sum-up to 65 international ships. The total number of international cruise ships embarking the cruise ports of Copenhagen in 2017 - is anticipated to amount 310 Cruise Vessels. Over 1.2 million passengers and crew member from all over the world have visited Copenhagen by ship in 2016 - and more than 320 cruise vessels have embarked in the cruise ports of Copenhagen in 2016 - on their way to the Baltic countries - Germany - Russia and Scandinavia - as Copenhagen is the largest port of call in Northern Europe for cruise companies and their cluise liner. 

The National breakdown of Cruise Vessels and Passengers in 2016

The busiest months for Cruise Ships Calls in the ports of Copenhagen and Denmark for Cruise Liners in 2016 was June - July and August - and the roughly nationality breakdown of passengers visiting Copenhagen in 2016 - was as follows: USA/Canada (25%) Germany (23%) - Scandinavia (21%) - UK (14%) - Italy (7%) - Spain (4%) - Australia (3%) - and worldwide (3%) - and almost equal to 2015 figures.

Cruise Ships - and New Terminal Facilities
Cruise ships entering the port of Copenhagen will either embark at the Langelinie Pier - or the harbour area of the Freeport Piers at Nordhavn. Cruise ships from Norway - Sweden and Poland will dock at the new cruise terminal at "Amerika Plads". The expected visit of "Turn Around Cruise Ships" - will mainly tie up at the North Harbour Piers or Langelinie Quay for embarkation. The North Harbour Cruise Terminal with new piers has been taken into use to service some of the millions of incoming international cruise travellers - and crew members more conveniently in the future - with a pier to dock three cruise ships at a time. The Langelinie Quay offers their passengers historic terminal facilities - and situated in the Langelinie park area. The old Langelinie quay was established in 1910 - for embarkation of international cruise liners - and is still functioning as a cruise terminal.

Sightseeing Tours & Trips
Take an online round trip on our Copenhagen city portal - - and we are sure that cruise passengers will be overloaded with information and guided online trough the city of Copenhagen - when visiting this tourist site and cultural guide. Beside of escaping on one of our many historical excursions or cultural field trips - there are plentiful of ways to see Copenhagen as a tourist and cruise passengers.

Inbound Travel Service

Cruise Copenhagen

Interactive Map - Copenhagen Culture
- Sightseeing

Cruise Lines operating from Copenhagen Ports of Call...
...and other Ports of Call in Denmark!
Cruise Destinations & Ports of Call in Denmark
Cruise Destinations - Denmark
Ports of Call in Denmark
The West Coast of Jutland
Visit the vast and rustic West Coast areas of Jutland - with the ever moving sand dunes - and the lighthouse at “Råbjerg Mile” - that is predicted to fall into the sea within 6-7 years.
Cruise Destinations & Ports of Call in Denmark
Beside Copenhagen being the major cruise destination in Scandinavia - then several other beautiful and exhilarating cities in Denmark - all filled with a rich history - interesting attractions and an explosion of cultural venues - are visited by intercontinental cruise passengers - as these selected cruise destinations and Danish waterfront townscapes are widely used as the Port of Call for international Cruise Liners cruising the clean and steady waters of Denmark.
Ports of Call in Denmark:

Jutland: Aalborg - Aarhus - Fredericia - Skagen
Funen: Faaborg
Sealand (Zealand): Copenhagen - Elsinore - Hundested - Kalundborg
Bornholm: Rønne
Shore Excursion and Field Trips
Our Inbound Travel Service Team offers comprehensive shore excursion and field trips from all Danish cruise destinations - as well as exploring the countryside around the local historical areas with many exciting sites and top attractions.
Free - Free - Free - Copenhagen
No costly plastic cards required!
Test the Lure Blowers
Free test of the Lure Blowers - located beside the City Hall. They will certainly blow their horns if a "virgin" passes by.
Ofelia Beach
Visit the new artificial Ofelia Beach beside the Royal Playhouse - and at the waterfront of Copenhagen's harbour - where the area is bustling with city life and activities.
The Open Air Museum
The Open Air Museum is the oldest in the world - and displays brick by brick how Danish families lived in the past hundreds and hundreds of years ago.
...and no costly plastic cards required!
Explore Copenhagen Free. Free Activities - Attractions - Events and Historical Venues. Copenhagen offers many free experiences to explore that don't cost one Kroner (DKK) and the Copenhageners wishes to share all of the free offers together with tourists and visitors.
Copenhagen Culture

Here are some of the free stuff and activities tourists and visitors can explore and experience - while staying in Copenhagen. Museums* - Art Galleries* - Libraries - Parks - Gardens and Leisure Areas - Changing of the Guards (Amalienborg Palace) - Historical Churches and Cemeteries - "Strøget" (the worlds longest Shopping Street) - Harbour Bath and Beaches - Town Hall - Skating Rinks - The Danish Parliament - The Old Citadel (from 1626) - Nyhavn - (the longest bar in Scandinavia) - Botanical Garden - The Glyptotek - Skateboarding - The Little Mermaid - Amalie Gardens - Gefion Fountain - Top Attractions and Historical Places - plus many free Seasonal Venues and Events in Copenhagen - like Free dancing lessons in June and July - at the popular yearly Summer Dance event - and the Summer Ballet - performed by the
Royal Danish Ballet Corps at Ofelia Beach or the Opera Festival in the summertime.
*Some Museums and art Galleries have Free Admission on certain days of the week. All youngsters under 18 - have Free Admission to all museums - every day and all year round.
See Museums
Open Air Museum!
Take a Field Trip in and beyond Copenhagen

Visit the oldest and largest - Open Air Museum - in the world - with more than 100 farmhouses - countrified homes - rural buildings - mills etc. from the period 1650 to 1950 - and spread over 86 acres of land. It’s an incredible way to experience how Danish families lived in the past hundreds and hundreds of years ago - and how each rural building have painstakingly brick by brick been dismantled from their original location in Denmark - and painstakingly brick by brick recreated and replaced carefully at this very picturesque area.

The Open Air Museum
The Open Air Museum called “Frilandsmuseet” is situated 16 km north of the city centre - where train and busses takes you right to the doorstep of the museum - and is a great attraction both for Copenhageners and visitors.

Children and Juveniles under 18 free admission.

See Holmens Church -
Copenhagen Culture - Event Calendar - Interactive Map - Museums - Around Copenhagen - Old Citadel - Inbound Travel Service National-Museum - History - Lure Blowers

Events & Entertainment in Copenhagen
Events and other City Hot Spots in July - 2017... Scandinavia's largest and most lively capital!

Exhibitions - Fairs & Events in July - 2017





- Perspective Playground
- Vivian Maier -In Her Own Hands -
Spectacular Street Photos

Visit this spectacular Photo Exhibition - “In Her Own Hands” - by American and legendary street photographer Vivian Maier - displaying an impressive selection and gallery of her fabulous everyday street photos.
ROSKILDE FESTIVAL 2017 - Great Rock Music Festival
Great Rock Music Festival Since 1971. Roskilde Festival always presents the most up to date and progressive music programme and bands as well as lots of events and activities. The Rock Festival will begin end of June and finish the event on 1 July 2017. Many bands are ready to perform with other contemporary - legendary - progressive and innovating quality music from all over the world at Roskilde Festival 2017. Camping is free with a festival ticket. Roskilde is located 35 km from Copenhagen - and 120,000 tickets are for sale. More than 120,000 happy festival participants from all over Europe are expected to attend this traditional rock festival and popular Rock Music Featival Event.
The Roskilde Festival is one of Europe's biggest rock and music festivals - with over 120,000 happy festival visitors.
JAZZ FESTIVAL 2017 - 38 years of Jazz in Copenhagen
The famous Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2017 - is spread all around Copenhagen at various venues and "hot spots" - where Danish and international Jazz Bands will perform live in over 1270 concerts at over 100 indoor and outdoor arrangements and venues. This is the 39 edition of Jazz in Copenhagen. See video presentation from Copenhagen Jazz Festival at a concert shot at Jazz Huset Vognporten in Copenhagen - which was one of the many jazz venues in town.
See video from the Jazz Festival
The first Jazz Festival in Copenhagen was arranged in 1979 - and has since developed to an international yearly event for Jazz musicians from all over the world.
The Copenhagen Opera Festival is a must for any opera lover and appeals also to the new curious generation that wants to get familiar with opera and experience the drama and passion of this fine and magic art put out into new spaces and scenes around Copenhagen - on the streets - on the water and even underground! With a line-up of leading international singers and musicians - there’s something for opera goers of all ages. And the 2017-programme offers 10 different productions - from Puccini's "La Bohème" to Wagner's "The Ring". Copenhagen Opera Festival is an exciting initiative in Danish cultural life. The festival pays tribute to opera as an art-form by taking it out of the traditional theatre and letting its sounds ring out over the streets - the underground and the waterways of the city.
Copenhagen Opera Festival -2017
Experience the drama and passion of this fine and magic art of opera all over Copenhagen at different venues and stages.
Visit the Royal Danish Theatre and experience the performance of the Royal Danish Ballet - Philharmonic Concerts with the Royal Danish Orchestra - Opera by The Royal Danish Opera - Drama with The Royal Theatre at the National Stage or the new Opera House.
Royal Danish Ballet Corps
Royal Danish Theatre
Experience the Royal Danish Ballet at the Royal Theatre - which is second to none for ballet lovers.
COPENHAGEN - a vibrant city - full of life and joy
Copenhagen is a cosmopolitan city full of life and joy - and also the largest city in Scandinavia - which attracts a large groups of Scandinavian visitors - who enjoy Danish hospitality and the free way of practicing unrestricted drinking - related to the Danes hundreds of years of responsible alcohol culture - which goes way back to the Viking era. The Danish capital also offers - exciting events - festivals and shows that are performed in and around the city together with many cultural arrangements and sports activities.
Copenhagen - Nightlife
Copenhagen offers a vibrant nightlife all over the city with cocktail bars - jazz clubs - dancing hot spots - night clubs - casino - discotheques etc. - and any other kind of entertainment that can satisfy nightlife goers.
Events and Excursions beyond Copenhagen
FREDENSBORG PALACE - The Royal Family’s summer residence
Palace visit
Here is a great opportunity to visit Fredensborg Palace from 1720 - that is open to the public in July. The Royal summer palace and residence (including the Palace Chapel) will be open to the public weekdays and Sundays in July 2017 - together with the Royal Vegetable Garden & the Orangery. This is once in a lifetime holiday experience - and Copenhagen-Portal provides excursion plus admission.
Fredensborg Palace
Fredensborg Palace from 1720 - is a top attraction and the summer residence of the Royal family. The Palace is only open for visitors during the month of July.
REBILD FESTIVAL 4 JULY - 2017 - Rebild National Park - Jutland
Every year since July 4th 1912 - thousands of Danish-Americans and their descendants - together with other Danes have joined in the celebration of the American Independence Day on the beautiful heather-covered hills at Rebild National Park in Jutland - just 20 km south of Aalborg. The Rebild Festival is also an expression of gratitude to the land which welcomed more than 300,000 Danish immigrants - and the tradition has been maintained in order to strengthen the ties of everlasting friendship between Denmark and USA. On this festival day - Stars and Stripes - and the Danish flag “Dannebrog” are flown side-by-side in natural picturesque surroundings - and as an honour to both countries. US-citizens - who are visiting Copenhagen can experience this festival in Jutland on July 4th. By train or car the trip will take about 4 hours and there is plenty of logging facilities at Rebild and in Aalborg. As a tribute to this USA - Danish Festival and as a countdown to the event - the added VIDEO performs - Strike Up the Band.

Strike Up the Band

See: Denmark
Rebild Festival - 2017
Thousands of Danish-Americans and other spectators will celebrate the American Independence Day on July 4th at the beautiful heather-covered hills at Rebild National Park in Jutland.
More Events: Event Calendar
Entertainment - Song of the Month
Melody & Song of the Month - July - 2017
Oldies - but Goodies!
Gunhild Carling - "My blue heaven"
Oldies but Goodies!
Every month we will select a real appealing song or melody from the past - that once hit the top charts - and turned into a genuine evergreen - and is still worth listening to. The purpose is to take you down memory lane - either with the original version or in a new musical arrangement and orchestration.
This Month's Song
July - 2017
This month’s song is "My Blue Heaven" written in 1928 - by Walter Donaldson with lyrics by George A. Whiting and became a major hit - when the song was released the same year for crooner Gene Austin - and stayed #1 for 13 weeks - and sold over five million copies becoming one of the bestselling singles of all time. "My Blue Heaven" has since become a standard song and melody on the repertoire - an became an even bigger international pop hit during the past. The best known rocky and blues version is with Fats Domino in 1956 - and became later his signature song.
Gunhild Carling - "My blue heaven"
I’ts Jazz Festival Time in Copenhagen in July - so - let’s start this Jazz Festival month by presenting one of the most popular songs “My blue Heaven” in Jazz history. “When whippoorwills call - and evening is nigh - I hurry to My Blue Heaven. A turn to the right - a little white light - Will lead me to my Blue Heaven”. Enjoy this dixieland jazzy swinging version of “My blue Heaven” with Gunhild Carling - Swedish jazz musician and multi-instrumentalist - and famous for playing trombone - bagpipes - trumpet and recorder with her swinging Jazz Band. Oh yeah - yeah - yeah - the Swedes they really can Jazz-up a melody in their own jazzy style and musical way. "You’ll see a smiling face - a fireplace, a cozy room - A little nest that nestles where the roses bloom - Just my honey and me - and baby makes three - We're happy in my Blue Heaven”. And by the way - there is a smiling face - a fireplace - a cozy room - and millions of joyful couples around the world have danced to “My Blue Heaven” from 1928 - and still swing around the dancefloor - that will lead swinging - rocking and stepping dancers into my Blue Heaven.

The song “My blue Heaven” - has been sung by numerous of popular artist and singers during the past.
We are not responsible for any unrelated advertisements that appear on this video - just remove these disturbing obstacles.

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Marking days of July - 2017
Christian Holy Days - Public Holidays and Flag Days in July - 2017
Christian Holy Days - Public Holidays and Flag Days in July - 2017

There are no Holy Days - Public Holidays or Flag Days in July - 2017.

All Public Schools and Private Schools - plus other Educational nstitutions in Denmark are closed in July for the summer holidays - as well as most major firms and companies that have a collective holiday shutdown for 3-4 weeks in July - called the industrial holiday season.

See Public Holidays and Falg Days

Monthly Information
The Danes drink the Cleanest tap and drinking water in the world!
Clean fresh tap water
Remember - there is always clean fresh running tap water in every Danish household - institution - hotel etc. - and the Danes drink almost 2,5 litres of water each day.
Monthly Information...
…Personal and Practical Information for Tourists and Visitors! - do receive many hundred emails regarding subjects about: Language - Personal Emergencies - Doctors - Dentists - Casualty Wards - Free Hospital Treatment - Public Health Insurance - Pharmacy - (Apotek) - Drinking Water - Electricity - Tipping - Safety Precautions - Pocket Thieves - Police - Lost and Found Property - Local Transportation - Parking in Copenhagen - Cycling in Copenhagen - Religion and Churches - Shopping Hours - Post Offices and Banks - Credit Cards - Danish Currency - Internet - WIFI - Cell Phone - Weather and Climate - Denmark etc. The Newsletter Team has focus on all of these topics and the users of this site will find the answers under our Visitors Lounge.

Visitors Lounge

Miscellaneous & Monthly News Résumé…
The S-Trains and Transport in 2017...
…take the S-Train - and listen to those rails a-humming

The S-Train
Take the S-Train and experience Copenhagen and beyond - on one of the best local train networks in the world. The tour with the S-train is a great opportunity for tourists to see the city and also discover the outskirts of Copenhagen - as well as exploring North Sealand and the southern coastline too - with its many attractions - historical venues and enchanting forest areas. The train ride - from the Central Station or other local stations will take visitors every 20 minutes to Klampenborg - Hillerød and Frederikssund north of Copenhagen - and to Køge alongside the southern coastline of Sealand.

DSB is the main train operator in Denmark - and is owned by the Danish State.

The S-Train Net and Lines of Copenhagen - S-Trains
Free bicycles with the S-Train
The S-Train has a wide network of lines in and beyond Copenhagen - and it's free to transport a bicycle with the S-Train.
24 Hour Ticket
The 24 hour ticket provides unlimited transport by train - bus and metro in and around Copenhagen.
The FlexCard
The FlexCard offers unlimited transport by train - bus and metro in and around Copenhagen for
7 or 30 days.
Free transport of Bicycles
It is also free to take your bicycle with the S-Train every day all year round in 2017 - to your end station and destination.

Copenhagen Culture and Transport
Route Map
Route map for busses - trains and Metro.
Parking Guide
Car parking guide in and around Copenhagen.

Updated route map for Busses - Trains and Metro + Parking in central Copenhagen...

Maps and other traffic info are frequently updated
To give our readers better updated info about Busses - Trains - Metro and Harbour Busses as well as parking possibilities in central Copenhagen - we have moved this section from our transport site to the Monthly Newsletter page - as maps and other info are frequently updated by the provider of these services.

Updated bus route map
You're in the Greater Copenhagen area for a family visit or other reasons. Whatever - you'll need to get around by Bus - Train - Metro and Harbour Bus as easily as possible. Here we provide you with a quick overview of an updated route map that is relevant for you - which all valid for both buses - trains and Metro - some with specific periods and zones.

Harbour Busses
Take the harbour busses and experience Copenhagen from the seaside and waterfront - where one can hop on and of at popular spots around the harbour area.

The Bus Route Map is under revision!

Parking within the Pay and Display zone

You have to pay for parking at all times from 08.00 A.M. on Mondays until 17.00 P.M. on Saturdays. Your "Pay and Display" ticket is valid for the zone in which it was bought and also in any cheaper zones. Note that your "Pay and Display" ticket is valid for all zones from 18.00 in the evening until 08.00 the next morning because charges are the same everywhere for that time period. All parking around the city of Copenhagen is free on Sundays.

Se more on - and then select the english version!

Danish Banknotes & Coins
The Danish Banknotes...
…money - money - money - must be funny - in a rich man’s world!

When visiting Denmark - tourists will be presented with these new banknotes called the 2009-2011 series. But one will still meet the 1997 and 1972 series of banknotes in circulation.

The Theme of the banknotes

The theme of the new banknotes is Danish bridges and the surrounding landscapes - or details from these landscapes. The artist Karin Birgitte Lund has chosen to interpret this theme in two ways - bridges as links between various parts of Denmark and as links between the past and the present. The present is represented by the bridges - the past by five distinctive prehistoric objects found near the bridges.

Read more:
Danish Currency - Banknotes & Coins

First Danish banknote - 1728
The first Danish banknote was issued in 1713 - and the banknote was to have the same value as coins - but the Danes did not trust this paper money - and its value therefore soon fell to below the coin value. The banknotes were withdrawn again in 1728.
A Messy Construction Site in 2017
The Metro City Ring
The Metro City Ring will circle around the central part of Copenhagen - when completed in 2019.
Construction Sites in Copenhagen
Due to Metro City Ring extension - there will be some messy streets and places in Copenhagen.
Town Hall Building Site
One of the most affected constructions sites will be at the Town Hall Square - where the major Town Hall Station will be located.
The Tunnel Boring Machine
The huge tunnel boring machine (TBM) - will operate and drill - bore - and excavate the two tunnels 25 to 35 meters under the surface of Copenhagen creating a diameter of almost 5 meter.
New York Subway opened in 1860
The New York Subway (Metro) opened in 1860 - and is the oldest and largest underground railway system in the world.
Copenhagen 2017 - A Messy Construction Site...
…21 active Metro Bulding Sites all over the City until 2019-2020!

Construction of the new Metro Circle Line
Tourists visiting Copenhagen within the next couple of years - and until 2019-2020 - will see and experience an enormous lot of heavy construction activity and building sites all around Copenhagen - due to establishing and completing the new Metro Circle Line that will run right in the central part of Copenhagen.

The expansion of the exciting public transport system
The expansion of the existing public transport system in Copenhagen by building the new Metro Circle Ring will cost the Danish tax payers almost DKK 24 billion - and will consist of two single track tunnels - running in a ring around the central part of Copenhagen - each with the approximately length of 16 km - and totally 32 km of new track tunnels are slowly being drilled and bored by advanced and giant tunnel boring machines about 25-35 metres under the surface of Copenhagen - to meet each end of the new circle line precisely.

Breakthrough - The Tunnel Boring Work completed
The Tunnel Boring Work was completed in February 2017 - and the completion of Tracks and Metro Stations plus all nessasary facilities and technical installations has started.

Great benefit for future Metro users
When the new metro system is completed - it will be a great benefit for daily commuters - tourist and Copenhageners - as the new Metro Circle Ring will be a fully automated driverless metro ring line operating 24 hours - 7 days a week - and with 17 underground stations and island platforms - as well as 4 crossover facilities - with 4 construction and ventilation shafts. It will take approximately 24-minutes to travel all the way around the new Metro City Line.

21 construction sites all over Copenhagen
Tourists in Copenhagen will experience changes in traffic patterns - bus routes - as well as retail trade - shopping availability - restaurant visits - train station accessibility etc. - and everyone living and visiting the city will be affected in some way in and around the building sites. Tourist should take extra caution - and be extra careful during their stay or vacation in the city - as there will be almost 21 heavy construction sites all around Copenhagen that obviously will make the city more or less noisy - dusty - muddy etc. - with many challenging obstacles - and numerous changed streetscapes. All together - Copenhagen will be quite a big mess until 2018 - and the most affected location created by the construction work - is the Town Hall Square - right in the “bull's eye” of Copenhagen - where the pulse of the city really beats - and has for many decades - always been the favourite meeting place for tourists spending their holidays in Copenhagen.

Traffic problems all around Copenhagen
The building of the new city metro ring will obviously create a lot of traffic problems in and around Copenhagen with plenty of detours - changes in traffic patterns - as well as heavy traffic jams.

Metro Ring Completed in 2019-2020

The new Metro City Ring will according to all ambitious plans open and operate in 2019-2020 - and the preparation work - including geotechnical surveys and archaeological excavation - is already in their final stage. The huge tunnel boring machine (TBM) - also known as a "mole" - will then start to drill - bore - and excavate in the extremely hard gray clay and chalk to create the two tunnels 25 to 35 meters under the surface of Copenhagen with a diameter of almost 5 meters.

Location of construction sites
Here are the 21 different construction sites located in central Copenhagen and listed in alphabetical order - and in their originally names in Danish: Aksel Møllers Have - Enghave Plads - Frederiksberg - Frederiksberg Allé - Gammel Strand - Kongens Nytorv - København H - Marmorkirken - Nørrebro - Nørrebroparken - Nørrebros Runddel - Nuuks Plads - Otto Busses Vej - Poul Henningsens Plads - Rådhuspladsen - Skjolds Plads - Sønder Boulevard - Trianglen - Vibenshus Runddel - Øster Søgade/Sortedams Sø - and Østerport.

New York Subway - 1860
The New York Subway (Metro) is the oldest underground railway transit system in the world - which opened in 1860 - with stations located throughout the boroughs of Manhattan - Brooklyn - Queens and the Bronx. The Subway system today is one of the largest in the world with over 470 stations operating on a 24-hour basis.

The London Underground - 1863
The London Underground transit system (Metro) - called The Metropolitan Railway - opened in 1863 - and is the second oldest underground train system in the world - with over 26,000 passengers a day within a few months after the opening in 1863 - and was operating between Hammersmith and Farringdon Street. Today - the London Underground serves 270 stations by rail - and is also colloquially called "The Tube".

Travelling safely in Copenhagen - 2017
Mind Pickpockets and Trick Thieves in crowded areas in Copenhagen
Safety Precautions in Copenhagen...
...especially in crowded areas!

Cynical Pickpockets - Trick Thieves and Con Men!

Like in any other Capital City or Metropolitan areas - Copenhagen has it’s problems with professional pickpockets and and cynical trick thieves that mainly target Visitors and Tourists - and are spread all over the city with their criminal activities. Even though Copenhagen records a very low crime rate - and is a quite safe place to be and live - pocket thieves operate in crowded tourist areas - where the risk of being a victim for these sneaky criminals is higher on the Pedestrian Street “Strøget” - and the area around the Central Station and in S-Trains - as well as Cinemas - Cafés - Restaurants and Public Transportation etc.. So be careful with your personal belongings and always use your common sense. If any attempt - you should immediately contact the police.

Read more:
Travelling Safely in Copenhagen

Pickpockets and Thieves
Mind Pickpockets and Trick Thieves in crowded areas in Copenhagen - and many con men and criminals will enter Copenhagen for the tourist season.
Robert Storm Petersen
  Quotation of the month - July - 2017

“Life is like a Circus. You go in - bow - run around - bow again and leave”
(Livet er som en cirkus. Man kommer ind - bukker - går lidt rundt og går ud igen)

Robert Storm Petersen - Danish Cartoonist - Writer - Animator - Humorist - 1882-1949.
Danish Food Culture - Culinary Heritage - and Cooking Recipes
*A Part of the Danish Cultural Heritage*
Danish Specialities - Recipe of the Month - July
"Rødgrød med Fløde"
(Red Berry Pudding with Cream)

Old country dessert served during the summer season all over Denmark!
"Rødgrød med Fløde" - is an over 200 year old national dish and dessert that is prepared and served in the summertime - when the Danish berries are ready to be picked and eaten. "Rødgrød med Fløde" (Red Berry Pudding with Cream) is almost an unpronounceable Danish sentence for foreigners. The words are formed and pronounced down in the throat - and are used by Danes to test people trying to learn Danish. If you succeed - you will receive great admiration and respect from the Danes - who will feel flattered by your effort in learning Danish. ©
"Rødgrød med Fløde" - (Red Berry Pudding with Cream)
It’s the pronunciation in Danish of this popular dessert and sentence - that provides many foreigners linguistic throat problems!
Rødgrød med Fløde
(Red Berry Pudding with Cream)
A hundred year old national dessert and mostly served in the summertime all over the regions of Denmark - and is a must as a sweet treat during summer - with pleanty of thick floating 38% cream. (Fløde)

300 g
4 dl
250 g
200 g
250 g
350 g
150 g
3 tablespoons
½ litre
1½ teaspoon


Rhubarb stalks
Red currants
Sugar (according to taste)
Potato starch or cornstarch
Whipping Cream - 38%
Vanilla powder or essence

Thick floating 38% Cream

"Rødgrød" is prepared and served - when the Danish berries are ready to be picked and harvested during the summer season.

Follow me...

Rødgrød med Fløde

Cut the Rhubarb stalks into small pieces and put them into the pot - then add water - currants and half of the pure blackcurrant berries. Leave some whole berries to give the dessert a decorative appearance.

Let it simmer for 6 minutes. Pour the juice back into the pot. Put the other berries in the pot and give a rehash - while stirring.

Add the fruit porridge levelling into the fruit pudding. Be sure there is no skin on the surface of the fruit mix. Finally ad the vanilla
powder or essence.

Pour the "rødgrød" pudding into a serving bowl.

Then serve cold with thick floating 38% Cream.

Ready-made "Rødgrød"

You can also buy the ready-made "Rødgrød" in supermarkets and grocery stores.

Eating and traditional Danish food culture

- Enjoy your meal!

The Online Goodwill and Tourism Ambassadors of Copenhagen!
Important Tip!
Even though we show thousands of "sunshine photos" on our Copenhagen Portal and on this Newsletter site too - then it does sometimes "rain" in Copenhagen and Denmark - so remember an umbrella!

Photo substitute
As a substitute for the missing "rainy photos" on our presentation of Copenhagen and Denmark - we show the famous scene with Gene Kelly dancing in the pouring rain - and singing his legendary signature song "Singin' in the Rain".


Most sincerely,
Advisory Board & News Letter Team

George B. Moller

Singin' in the Rain

American comedy musical film from 1952 - starring Gene Kelly - Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds - with the famous scene where legendary Gene Kelly is dancing in pouring rain - while singing the title song "Singin' in the Rain".
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