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Denmark - A Cute little Fairy Tale Kingdom - But a Giant Subject!
Denmark - A Fairytale Kingdom
Denmark - A Fairytale Kingdom & Welfare Nation!
Danish Tourism Poster.
Presentation of Denmark
This presentation of Denmark is being re-designed and will be produced as one long page in a chronological order - which the editorial team find is the best way to portray the Danish Nation - and also the most convenient method to learn about Denmark step by step in this brief profile that describes the Danish history - culture - heritage - everyday life and the ambitious and freedom loving Danes behind it all. First we present a map of the country - then the birth of the Danish Kingdom - the capital and bigger cities - the Viking Era - The Danish Monarchy - paving the way to democracy - religion and Christian culture - the Danish democracy - the Danish flag "Dannebrog" - the history and landscape - Denmark and Scandinavia -
Scandinavian Democracies - Denmark at a glance - the Danish food culture - the Danish model - the Danish export companies - assistance and founding to the Third World - relationship to NATO - EU and the Danish Troops abroad - the Danes - the unofficial National anthem - the Danish emigrants and finally a picture gallery from all around Denmark called - Destination Denmark.

The Cultural Heritage and the Danes
This is also a brief summery of the Danish Cultural Heritage and Christening of the Danes that reaches more than thousands years back in time - to the Protestant Reformation in 1536 - and until the Democratic Constitution was finally signed in June 1849 - as well as great credit to all the freedom loving Danes that have contributed to build up the Danish Kingdom - Danish Nation and Danish Welfare Society through countless generations - and over numerous centuries.

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This presentation will constantly be extended and changed with new topics about Denmark - until our separate Denmark-Portal is completed!
A Brief Tour through Denmark
Denmark Map
Denmark Map & Major Cities
The Danish Royal Coat of Arms
The Kingdom of Denmark


Denmark is placed on top of the European Continent and a part of Scandinavia. And by ancient storytelling - Denmark is the oldest Kingdom in the world with its 68 km terrestrial southern border across Jutland - facing towards Germany.
Native name:
Danmark. (Dania)
Red - with a white Christian Cross - and the oldest national flag in the world. (Dannebrog)
National Anthem:
Der er et yndigt land. (Public and festive events)
National Anthem:
Kong Christian stod ved højen mast. (Royal and official occasions)
Population: 5,6 million.
Language: Danish.
Total Area:
43,093 km².
Coast line & Beach areas:
7,313 km.
Biggest Island: Sealand - Zealand - 7,031 km².
Islands: 450 - 90 inhabited.
Highest point:
173 m. Yding Skovhøj.
Odsherred - Sealand.
Northern point:
Skagen - North Jutland.
Southern point:
Gedser - Falster.
Western point:
Blåvands Huk - West Jutland.
Eastern point:
Denmark - Østerskær - Christiansø.
Copenhagen. (København) - (Hafnia)
(Largest Capital in Scandinavia)
Currency: Danish Kroner. (DKK)
Latitude: 56° 00' N - longitude: 10° 00' E.
Time Zone:
Country Code: +45
Right side of the road.
The Danish State Religion & State Church
Denmark has since 964 been a Christian Nation and later combined with a National State Religion and National State Church. (Den Danske Statsreligion) and (Den Danske Folkekirke)
State Religion:
Evangelical Lutheran & Christian Protestant Church - since 1536.
Government type: Parliamentary Democracy - Constitutional Monarchy.
Head of state: Queen Margrethe II.
Autonomous Regions: Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Largest Danish Cities and inhabitants:
1. Copenhagen - 1,8 million + Greater Copenhagen
2. Aarhus -
3. Odense -180,000
4. Aalborg -110,000
5. Esbjerg - 80,000

* Brief Picturesque Portrait of a real Fairy Tale Kingdom*
Inspiring - captivating and relaxing travel destination...
This is a pictorial selection - combined with some nostalgic and vintage tourism posters - showing interesting places and historical venues in Denmark - as well as presenting some nationwide core Danish traditions and values - plus an everyday typical Danish lifestyle - but it is most of all a visual glimpse of Denmark - as an inspiring - captivating and relaxing travel destination - with its more than thousand years of everlasting Historical and Cultural Heritage created by generations of Danes. And the Danes have much to be proud of - and happily share Denmark with curious visitiors.
For Homesick Danes - and our Brave Troops Abroad
This photo section of Denmark is especially a tribute and salute to our homesick Danes - plus our brave Troops abroad - missing their country and homeland!
  Denmark (Danmark) - Jutland (Jylland) - Sealand -Zealand (Sjælland) - Funen (Fyn)
Delightful Denmark Series & Top Attractions: Delightful Denmark
UNESCO's World Heritage Sites in Denmark - 7
National Parks in Denmark - 5
The Sand-Covered Church
The sand-covered church at Skagen from the 14th century - where nearly half of the church tower rises from the heavy sand dunes. The church was finally closed in 1795. North Jutland.
The National Dybbøl Mill
The historical and national Dybbøl Mill and national symbol from 1744 - of Danish patriotism - endurance and resistance - was the centre of the Battle of Dybbøl in 1848 and 1864. South Jutland.
The Old Town - Aarhus
The prehistoric Old Town in Aarhus is a 5-star experience and an open air museum for Danish urban history and culture - with 75 historical houses from all over Denmark. East Jutland.
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Fishing Boats - Vorupør
Fishing boats on the beach at Vorupør. West Jutland.
The Old Town Hall - Ebeltoft
The old Town Hall at Ebeltoft from 1789. Mols East Jutland.
Koldinghus Castle - 1268
Koldinghus Castle and former royal residence from 1268. East Jutland.
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Medieval Ribe - Oldest Town in Denmark
The oldest town in Denmark is the medieval city Ribe that was founded around 850 A.C.. Ribe has also the oldest Cathedral in Denmark - from the mid 1100s. (The Church of Our Lady). South-East Jutland.
Himmelbjerget - “The Sky Mountain”
One of the very highest points in Denmark is called the “Sky Mountain” (Himmelbjerget) - and is located at the Silkeborg lakes - with a height of 148 metres over sea level. Mid Jutland.
Hans Christian Andersen's - Home
The world famous fairytale writher Hans Christian Andersen's childhood home in Munkemølle St. in Odense from 1785. The home also houses the H.C. Andersen Museum - opened in 1908. Odense. Funen.
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Egeskov Castle - 1554
Egeskov Castle from 1554 - and Veteran Car Museum. Funen.
Beach Houses - Ærø
Little beach houses (Strandhusene) - Isle of Ærø. South Funen.
Svendborg Harbour & Town
Svendborg Harbour and acient town from 1253. South Funen.
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Rebild National Park
Rebild Bakker (Rebild National Park) and its heather-covered hills - Himmerland. Northern Jutland.
Gunpowder Tower - 1688
Gunpowder Tower (Krudttårnet) 1688 - rest of the old fortification - Frederikshavn. North Juthland.
ARoS Art Museum - Aarhus
ARoS Art Museum founded 1859 - and located in new premises from 2004 - in Aarhus. East Jutland.
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Odense Canal - 1796
Odense Canal from 1796 - connects Odense harbour with beautiful Odense fjord. Mid Funen.
Nyker Round Church - Bornholm
Nyker Round Church from 1150 - with historic frescos from 1400. Bornholm.
Vejlefjord Bridge
Vejlefjord Bridge with a lovely view over Vejle Town. East Jutland.
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Spøttrup Castle - 1520
Spøttrup Castle from 1520 - well preserved medieval castle with an active museum. North Jutland.
Bulbjerg Cliff
Bulbjerg Cliff is a 48 metre high limestone cliff and the only bird cliff in Denmark. North Jutland.
Sea Rescue Station - Thorup Strand

Sea Rescue Station at Thorup Strand - The fist Rescue post was established in 1840. West Jutland.

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Svendborgsund - Funen
Svendborgsund is the broad Sound that divides Funen from the isle of Tåsinge that is connected with a bridge - which also leads the way to lovely Langeland Island. The area with the many Islands is also called - “The South Funen Archipelago”. Det Sydfynske Øhav. South Funen.
The Open Air Museum
The Open Air Museum with over 100 rural houses from 1550-1950 - derived from all regions of Denmark - and then painstakingly recreated brick by brick - and furnished with the original artefacts. The settlement is spread over a large landscape area. Greater Copenhagen.
Poskær Stenhus - 3300 BC
“Poskær Stenhus” from 3300 BC - is Denmark's largest stone burial chamber - surrounded by the beautiful and scenic Mols Rolling Hills - which is situated on the hilly peninsula of “Djursland” - that also is a part of the Danish National Parks. East Jutland.
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Sandy Beaches & Clean Bathing Water
Bathing nymphs after a fresh swim at the Oresound. East Sealand.
Knuthenborg Safaripark
Knuthenborg Safaripark is North Europe's largest. Lolland.
Møns Cliff
Møns Cliff - Denmark’s highest cliffs over 6 km long. Isle of Møn.
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Fredensborg Castle - 1720-1726
Fredensborg Castle from 1720-1726 and the Royal summer residence. North Sealand.
Maribo Cathedral - 1416
Maribo Cathedral and Abbey from 1416 - and former Bridgettine monastery - was founded by Queen Margrete I. Mid Lolland.
Valdemar Castle - 1644
The head entrance to Valdemar Castle built in 1644 - on the beautiful Isle of Tåsinge near Svendborg. South Funen.
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