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Denmark - A Cute little Fairy Tale Kingdom - But a Giant Subject!
Presentation of Denmark
This presentation of Denmark is designed and produced as one long page - and in a chronological order - which the editorial team find is the best way to portray the Danish Nation - and also the most convenient method to learn about Denmark step by step in this brief profile that describes the Danish history - culture - heritage - every day life and the ambitious and freedom loving Danes behind it all. First we present a map of the country - then the birth of the Danish Kingdom - the capital and bigger cities - the Viking Era - The Danish Monarchy - paving the way to democracy - religion and Christian culture - the Danish democracy - the Danish flag "Dannebrog" - the history and landscape - Denmark and Scandinavia -
Scandinavian Democracies - Denmark at a glance - the Danish food culture - the Danish model - the Danish export companies - assistance and founding to the Third World - relationship to NATO - EU and the Danish Troops abroad - the Danes - the unofficial National anthem - the Danish emigrants and finally a picture gallery from all around Denmark called - Destination Denmark.

The Cultural Heritage and the Danes
This is also a brief summery of the Danish Cultural Heritage and Christening of the Danes that reaches more than thousands years back in time - to the Protestant Reformation in 1536 - and until the Democratic Constitution was finally signed in June 1849 - as well as great credit to all the freedom loving Danes that have contributed to build up the Danish Kingdom - Danish Nation and Danish Welfare Society through countless generations - and over numerous centuries.

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It is possible to shuffle trough the program and select different subjects in random order by just clicking the topic you find appropriate and interesting. To return to the index and menu - just press the headlines on the coloured bars - and experience the topics -
inquisitive Tourists and Visitors ask about the Danes and Denmark.

This presentation will constantly be extended and changed with new topics about Denmark - until our separate Denmark-Portal is completed!

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